Marczell Klein Reviews

Marczell Klein

Marczell Klein tags himself as “World #1 Success Coach” in his Instagram bio. Obviously, it’s just a self-proclaimed label without any solid basis whatsoever. Like, how he claims he can change somebody’s mindset in a snap when he can’t even convince me to agree with what he calls himself… or to anything he says, really. The delusion of this dude is too much, I fear. I’ll tell more about him in the review below.

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Mind you, he’s not only calling himself a success coach, a motivational speaker, or a mindset conditioning mentor. He goes too far and mentions being a hypnotist too, even paying an article to call him “one of the biggest names in the hypnosis/success-coach industry, rivaling the likes of Tony Robbins.” Look, I’m not a fan of Tony myself, but I’ll still say that him being compared to this wannabe is such an insult.

Like seriously, chill the f*ck out with the claims. And you know what, he won’t, of course. I guess a teensy weensy bit of maturity is too much to ask. So, instead of stopping his bullsh*ttery after getting called out for it (or at least becoming a bit more subtle about it), this dude just doubled down and kept on spouting BS that gets more and more ridiculous. What’s the plan here, buddy?

I mean, that hypnotist title alone is a sham. Doesn’t matter what y’all think about hypnosis and its legitimacy. All parties— hypnosis believers, skeptics, and everyone in between— called him out for being a scam. A dangerous one at that too as he’s notorious for spreading misinformation about mental health issues and disabilities for Tiktok clout.

For instance, dude put up a show and “hypnotized” someone out of their Tourette syndrome. It’s widely accepted that this syndrome has no cure at all, and the best thing you can do about it is make the symptoms, the tics, more manageable. But no, this clown really thought he ate by pretending he managed to drive away the malus completely. Newsflash buddy, genes don’t give a damn ‘bout your hocus pocus.

And yes, this is such a big slap to the face to those who really have Tourette’s. After all those years of suffering and ridicule, imagine getting told that it’s all in ya mind. Something you can’t control all your life suddenly becomes… trivial and gone in one snap? Not only is it giving false hopes to someone who has it, it’s also undermining the severity of the syndrome. This quack m’f*cker better be serious.

But wait, there’s more and it’s even worse. Realizing the dude was just a quack wanting a quick buck, a previous friend of his decided to set him up to see how Marczell’s shenanigans go. Thank God it’s just a setup because the horror of him telling a suicidal person to NOT get professional help because “those people will just load you up on drugs” or some sh*t. Instead of actual health professionals, he insists that the person should choose him, the “best” coach, and pay the price of $25k for four months of coaching.

Marczell Klein Reviews

He should’ve gone with only “Zell” as his name as the dude only cares about zell-ing, er, selling his overpriced BS. This is beyond evil TBH, like he doesn’t even mind shooing away someone who supposedly wants to unalived themselves from actual help. No concern for the person’s life at all as he asks his friend (the one who set him up) to help him close the “sale” for a 10% cut. Ironic for a so-called hypnotist too, amirite?

Now, it’s not the only situation where he acted so damn evil like this. He got involved in anotha’ one, let’s say it’s the same ‘ol situation, but with a different person who genuinely needs help (not a set up unfortunately), and instead of asking $25k for four months, he tries to charge a whopping $300k for a year. Told ya, he’s evil AND too stubborn to tone down his ridiculousness at the same time. Surprised he’s not locked behind prison bars yet TBH.

That’s on top of him putting out cheaper but equally sh*tty courses and services (or sometimes not delivering anything at all), and not honoring his money back guarantee (of course, he wouldn’t). I’m definitely not going to recommend Marczell and his hypnotist ass won’t convince me to say otherwise.

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