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Seeing actors go from one medium to the next has always been interesting to see. There are a lot of times where actors that you often see in plays or musicals on Broadway manage to do well in film and television. The same could be said for either film and television to theater pipeline or even the television to film pipeline. The same set of skills apply to all three of these medium but the way they apply those skills sort of has to be tweaked a little. Most people find success in acting in a different medium that they’re used to.

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Television and film have the same process when it comes to producing it. They take hours to find the right takes that the director wants for a scene. In the case of film, all their efforts go into the singular piece of work. For television, however, they have only done one episode of an entire season. For theater, it’s a bit different. You are constantly rehearsing your lines until the start of the play’s run in a theater. Over the course of however many months it takes, there’s a lot that could change before the day of the first ever show of their play.

Similar to film and television, you do have to perform multiple times. But the similarities end there. You can’t really yell cut if you flub your line in front of a live audience. You have to keep the show going. Improvisation sort of works in the theater. But you shouldn’t let it be a crutch. That’s the main difference between film & television and the theater. There’s also the aspect of performing in front of a live audience. But some series on TV have a live audience, though it’s mostly sitcoms. Though there is a live sketch comedy show that happens every Saturday on TV.

Even then, there’s just so many actors in either of the three media that I did not know until I started writing about them. This shouldn’t even be a surprise at this point. I have said multiple times already. But it’s still as true as the first time I put it into writing. There have been hundreds of actors that have been in the business of acting since before I was born. And most of the productions that they have done in the careers are not exactly ones I have seen before.

Take actor Marian Seldes, for example. She was born to a very affluent family. Her mother was a socialite while her father was an author, editor and journalist. She was born in the fancy part of New York City. On the count of three, let’s say which part of New York City is the fanciest. One, two, three… Staten Island! Wait… I’m being told that the fancy part of New York City is actually Manhattan. Her mother’s side of family was the more affluent one. But she was born into a very well-off household.

Because of that, she grew up around very creative people. It’s somehow of a throughline for a lot of artists. Musicians often grew up in households that listened to music and/or played instruments. Athletes grew up playing the sport that they would eventually find a career in. It’s sort of what connects them in a way. She studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse. You’d think it was just some random business where a bunch of kids could run around and play. But it’s actually a conservatory for actors.

Marian began her career in the theater with a production of “Medea” in 1948. Since then, she has done a lot of other theater productions. Some of which helped her get a nomination at the Tony Awards. She managed to win a Tony for her performance in the play “A Delicate Balance” in 1967. Somehow her theater credentials also lead her to do voice work for a few radio plays. She also managed to do a few recordings of famous pieces of literature. She then went on to have a career in both television and film. She seems to have retired from acting by 2010. At that point, her net worth was around the range of $5,000,000. She passed away in 2016.

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