Laptop Lifestyle Master Program Review (Marjet Van Wijk)

Marjet Van Wijk

Marjet Van Wijk is the businesswoman, author, and lifestyle coach behind Laptop Lifestyle Master Program. In line with that, the first thing you’ll see on her website is this: How to work from your laptop while becoming location and time independent. Y’know, her promise is for you to go from a 9-5er or a budding entrepreneur to a high ticket freelancer. Does the latter makes you interested in buying her program? Read my review first before pulling the trigger.

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In one of her most recent posts, Marjet mentions that she’s once a 9-5er like many of y’all. But then, some time ago, a light bulb lit up and she just had this realization that there’s so much more in life than a boring office job.

She adds, “I left my corporate job three years ago, because I had this idea in my mind that I could travel the world and work online.” She consider the move a leap of faith and fortunately, it paid off for her big time.

Now, she’s the CEO of a digital marketing agency in Setters Media, a published author of What Influence [she’s an influencer before, but left the industry due to its toxicity], and a coach to hundreds of aspiring freelancers in Laptop Lifestyle Masters Program. All done exclusively with digital skills, says her.

Yeah, I know, I’m kinda repeating what I said earlier. In my defense, I’m just returning Marjet’s energy. She’s like a broken record herself. 9-5er, corporate job bad; laptop lifestyle, digital freelancer good… Rinse and repeat.

Not just any freelancer BTW, but a new-age, highly paid one. Not those who work too much, and earn too little. The goal is to get paid for your skills, and not just for your time. “Not hourly pay, but packages,” she explains.

And to become allat, she has a three-month business coaching program in Laptop Lifestyle Master Program [what else?]. Need help in laying the foundations towards growing a six figure biz? According to Marjet, her program got ya back.

You could become any kind of online service provider that you want. From digital marketer, social manager, VA, and blog writer up to designer, video editor, photographer, and branding strategist. The sky’s the limit, I s’pose.

Here’s what you get from Laptop Lifestyle Master Program: One-on-one kickoff business planning sesh, three weekly coaching calls [yes, you can literally talk to her every other day of the week], pre-recorded video modules, worksheets and assignments, one-on-one support on Messenger, and an accountability partner.

In addition, you’ll also get access to community groups in Discord and Facebook where you can share your wins and network with other people. “Your network is your net worth,” she reminds while talking about the said groups.

After completing the program, you’ll also get a cert and a chance to get referrals. To get all these, you have to purchase Laptop Lifestyle Master Program with a starting price of $1,200. I did saw a $700 as the cost in one of her Facebook posts, but I think it’s a very, very limited offer that only lasted for about two weeks. No refunds, regardless.

Laptop Lifestyle Master Program Review

If you’ve been a reader here for quite some time, you’ll know that I’m not a big fan of Laptop Lifestyle Master Program’s business model [aka becoming a VA, a freelancer, and/or digital marketer]. Not liking the lack of refunds either, no matter how she spins it [her argument is like, why bother when her program got something better yada yada].

But still, I gotta give props to Marjet for being transparent with everything, maybe besides the cost. If you head over her website, she got videos that would give you an overview on what to expect from her program. Less guessing on your part and that’s gucci.

She takes criticisms like a champ too. She has no insults to throw, just level-headed responses. Although, with how low the bar is set in terms of professionalism in the guru space, her clearing it is not necessarily an achievement. More like the bare minimum, but still a very welcome one if I should say. Guess I have to leave the purchase decision to y’all after all, whoops.

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