Mark Moss Review

Mark Moss

If you’re curious about musings on why companies suddenly go “woke”, then you might’ve heard of Mark Moss. The featured video on his YouTube channel talks about that particular topic. He claims to know the “sinister” reason behind the, uh, woke-ification, who’s pushing and controlling the big corps [was it Jesus himself ‘cause who???], and how to stop it. Yup, this is like him giving sort of a financial advice when he’s not even a financial advisor. Let’s talk about that, shall we? Review below.

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Mark right here is enjoying his time spitting conspiracy theories. Unlike giving advice on investments, no one would really rat him out for putting his tinfoil hat on. No need for authority here. Just run your mouth, that’s it. Someone will eat it up, at least one of his 481k subs on YouTube will. And many of them did in fact eat it up. Cult dinner.

But then, it’ll always end up with Mark recommending his business and investment thingy that might cost you hundreds, thousands of dollars for his “training” alone. And just like his video from four years ago, he’s still pushing the use of Bitcoin, getting passive income with crypto, that kind of stuff.

In particular, here’s what he says to stop these “woke” companies: “What we have to do is create parallel systems [something about crypto investment]that refuse to play by their rules. We have to step up and create businesses.”

Without context, it sounds fair. And while splurging on Bitcoin as a “business” is something I won’t recommend myself, it’s still alright. Like, fine, whatever. If doing high risk investment in a space where bad actors are aplenty is your thang, then you do you [or don’t].

But here’s the problem, he also includes outrageous arguments and mental gymnastics to get viewers on his side. Like saying how we all need to heed his advice in order to push back against the “social credit score system” that is being ushered to US.

That’s his takeaway from the mere fact that corporate equality index (CEI) exists. To elaborate, we’re apparently, uh, transitioning into a surveillance state just because a metric that “evaluates companies based on their dedication to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace” is being measured.

I dunno, I feel like people losing their minds over rainbows and pronouns is much more Orwellian than having an institution evaluate some numbers related to LGBTQ+. It’s not that different to KPIs, so I don’t understand what got his panties in a bunch.

Oh right, it’s because Mark hates queer people, or at best, he’s waaaay too comfortable throwing shade in their direction. It’s not just the TQ+ that he’s hating BTW, it’s everyone— the L, the G, and the B. Dunking on ‘em [or any minority that’s “in” to hate, really] is simply a no nonsense “business” move for him.

Why so? Well, by doing such, he gets two things: Validation and money from those who agree with his takes. But more on getting kaching, most probably. And as if hating isn’t enough, he’s also implying that he, a white straight man, is part of the “small minority”. A victim of the system. Seriously?

Mark Moss Review

And yes, to reiterate, he indeed hates the queers. He hates them so much that he believes a “mandatory” diversity training is reminiscent of the Soviet Union killing naysayers. Dude actin’ like not being able to hurl slurs, at least not without potential repercussions, is equivalent to people getting their rights stripped away. Gosh.

On top of that, he’s shilling crypto. Way back, he argued how you can get the same effect of compounding dividends from staking coins and running master nodes, whatever that last one is. All for “not listening to the herd” and protecting your “financial and personal sovereignty”. In the crypto space, really?

“If you want to GET something different, you have to DO something different, which is why most people never reach financial freedom in their own lives.” If doing something different means trusting my money in a space known for rug pulls, pump and dump, and platforms filing for bankruptcy, that’d be an easy “no, thank you” for me.

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