Reviewing Anthony Morrison’s Net Worth

Anthony Morrison

Anthony Morrison believes that life is what you make it. You either make some progress to become a better you or you get stuck with the worst version of yourself. To avoid the latter, he encourages you to stop making a bunch of excuses, take action, and get to work. Specifically, have the passion to do it all and learn from a coach. Conveniently, he’s a coach himself. Coincidence? I think not. Scroll below to know more about him and his net worth.

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NGL, the said belief of Anthony posted on his personal Instagram account made me hum some tunes sung by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Sing it with me: “It’s about drive, it’s about power, we stay hungry, we devour. Put in the work, put in the hours and take what’s ours.” That bop, despite being ruined by Tiktok cringe clips at the very latest, still hypes me up. Not to the point where I’m so hyped up that I don’t mind buying Anthony’s offers, though. Sorry, not sorry.

It’s not the song, the fault is all on Anthony. Sure, he’s not wrong about needing the drive and putting in work to succeed in life. I just don’t wanna hear it from him, a mothaf*cka who earns his keep from making people work on his behalf while he essentially chill. I don’t mind if it’s your typical employee-employer dynamic, but it isn’t. Instead, he’ll sell you the dream of financial freedom and getting out of the 9-5 grind. In the end, earning money with his offers is not so much different than a typical day job, maybe even worse. Paying him, so you can work for him? F*ck that, I’m out.

Alright, maybe I did go for the jugular way too early. Let’s mellow down a bit and enumerate the things he did in an unethical way that made him (lots of) money. After all, we’re all about finding out his actual net worth. 

To start, he’s known for making too good to be true claims. That’s his bait for you to bite his offers, but please don’t. Not only do the bloated figures don’t make any sense, it’s probably forged because Anthony is likely only printing paper bills from selling courses. Walking the talk is apparently overrated for him. And it is because selling sh*tty money-making course with tall claims is the best money-making biz if you don’t have any sliver of conscience like him.

Meanwhile, he’s also notorious for putting himself first without any thoughts whether you earn some money or not. You should earn some because that’s his promise, but no. He doesn’t care about you, only his own pocket. If he did care, he’ll give you some decent advice on how to be an all-around affiliate marketer. He didn’t and instead, he only gave info on how he wants you to promote his products. Heck, even his YouTube Accelerator is not about creating quality content that pays monetization checks, but making a promotional crap that only shills for his products.

Reviewing Anthony Morrison’s Net Worth

As if working for him (by paying him first) isn’t enough, he’ll also upsell, cross-sell, and downsell you in every chance he gets. Also, add some hidden charges and misleading fine print here and there. And oh, he’s so damn motivated to talk with you until you ask for a refund. That’s when he’ll shut the f*ck up… Nothing but crickets unless you file a legal complaint. Speaking of complaints….

Remember what I wrote before about Wesley Virgin’s BBB page? Guess what? Anthony’s “Morrison Publishing LLC” edges out the “Billion Dollar” man on having the most complaints posted on a BBB page by a significant margin. Talk about competing for being the worst, what a damn shame. Not only that, it’s quite an achievement to get banned on ClickBank too, a website known for housing a lot of scams and get rich quick schemes. He surely got kicked out of that website, big OOF.

Regardless, he’s still able to sell his courses and earn boatloads of money from such. He’s carefully treading the fine line of just not being good enough of a money-making mentor, so FTC and SEC won’t tail his ass for being a scammer. For his net worth, it’s likely around $1.5 million up to $2 million.

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