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Behind every successful woman is herself. But sometimes, there might be a guy who supports his significant other’s endeavors in life. In this case, it’s Laura Beverlin’s husband Mark. When you scroll down through Laura’s Instagram feed, you will often see the couple together in front of picturesque background holding and looking lovey-dovey at each other. I would also love to find a partner who is game to support whatever it is I feel like doing creatively. It’s great to find someone who will be there for you through the ups and downs. So where did Mark get his start and how much is his net worth? We’re about to find out.

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I wasn’t able to find much about his personal life. But I did across a Q&A video that he and Laura did on her channel. Both Mark and Laura came from big families. Mark was born and raised in Florida. He studied Sports Business at Saint Leo University. After graduating, he went on to work at a community bank for about seven or so years. He met Laura about 13 years ago. Laura was an accountant for a company. She was a quick worker as she said in the Q&A blog, but she didn’t really like it as much. So when she started reading other people’s blogs, she decided that that would be something she wants to do full-time.

It was her time doing a corporate job that sort of put her into the path of becoming a lifestyle blogger. She would often post selfies of her work outfit on the media sharing platform. In 2015, she decided to go into blogging full-time. Mark, on the other hand was still doing corporate jobs until he decided to become a full-time photographer and videographer, helping out Laura on some of her blog posts. There isn’t really an estimate to his net worth since Laura is primarily the one earning money. The couple bought a farm late last year. And that factors into their joint net worth. It’s estimated to be more than $1,000,000.

There isn’t really that much I can say about Mark, to be honest. He seems like a very low-key person. Or that’s how I see him because Laura is the own who writes blogs and posts content on the internet. Compared to Laura’s following count on Instagram of more than a million followers, Mark has close to a tenth of that. Mark feels very much like a wife guy. He loves her very much and is supportive of her career as a blogger. Even though Mark doesn’t have as many posts as Laura does, most of the photos that he posts on the platform are very staged. And that’s fine. If that’s the version of their life that they both want people to see, that’s fine. Most of us do that kind of thing too online. So there’s really no harm in what they’re doing.

If you’ve noticed that this post about Mark talks a whole about Laura, you have a good eye. It’s really hard to separate the both of them really. Laura’s blog is the machine, and Mark is a cog in that machine. Both of them put effort into the making sure that the machine is working properly. If one thing breaks, the machine wouldn’t function how it normally would. Laura often includes photos of her and her husband on her feed every so often. Mark has been an incredible supporter of Laura’s career path. You don’t often see a guy take a step back and let their significant other take the lead.

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