The F Formula Review (Marni Kinrys)

Flirting seems to the one skill that men need to master, at least that’s what the internet’s personal wing girl Marni Kinrys says so. And I get it. It’s very hard to flirt with women. Especially when you don’t really know how to. The expectation is that you need to be a guy with model good looks, at least six feet in height and has a job that earns them six-figure salaries. If you take all of the men who fit that description, there is probably going to be a relatively small sample size. It just doesn’t seem that fair that every one else isn’t the ideal guy that we assume women want.

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The F Formula is really just a rebranded version of The Flirt Method. The online training program is just one of many ventures that Marni Kinrys has made within her Wing Girl Method empire. Marni has become known as the person that helps guys become more attuned to the kinds of things that women, in general, seem to get attracted to. It’s sort hard to generalize women like that but there is probably something that you can get out of the content that she puts out.

Marni co-founded The F Formula with a woman named Marissa. I don’t really know why Marissa doesn’t want people to know about her last name. But the foundation of what The F Formula is mainly comes from Marissa. Most of the Wing Girl Method products and ventures have mainly been from Marni. This was the first time that she had a partner create an online training program.

In order to get started with The F Formula, you have to pay a discounted one-time fee worth $47 or $199 when it’s not on sale. I’m not really sure if I’ve ever come across it not being priced at a discount. There’s also an option for you to include access to something called the “Approach Blueprint” which has a value worth $348, but only costs $30 if you buy now.

What you get from The F Formula is basically log in credentials to a separate page within the Wing Girl Method website. You mainly get a PDF of the F Formula handbook and accompanying audio and video versions. I have to hand it to them. They really thought of of the common educational formats. Each chapter in the handbook has its own section on the website that also includes some illustrations.

I have seen a few of the contents in the handbook. And I can see a lot of very handy information that will probably help you get more used to flirting. In the first few pages of the handbook, Marissa mentions that it might take you about two months to master the skill of flirting. If you were hoping to master that skill in just one sitting, you’re probably overestimating yourself. Since it’s mainly an online training program, you can’t really practice it as well as you could do in an actual setting.

The biggest thing that I got from the handbook is that you should be sociable regardless if you want them to become attracted to you. Talking to people that you don’t know is basically flirting in a sense. If you know how to put people at ease just by how you talk to them, it’s probably going to be the same when it comes to actually flirting with someone. How you present yourself to other people is tantamount to your success with getting people to spend more time with you after an initial moment.

The main thing that I really dislike about the program is the website promoting it. I don’t really have a problem regarding the contents in that website. It’s just that the way they formatted it feels reminiscent with the kind of websites that you see in old pop-ups. I guess that kind of formatting works when you really want people to join the program. But it really got annoying when almost every section of the website had this huge button that says “Add to Cart.” Sometimes, I really just want a clean and organize website. A bit more effort could have been made, to be honest. But if it works, then it works.

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