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Tom Wang

Tom Wang, founder of FBA Masterclass, is very thankful of her partner and soon to be wife Christina that supported her through thick and thin. He reminisced in an Instagram post how open-minded Christina is when he started his Amazon biz and how she never doubted his abilities to succeed in such endeavor. “I seriously mean I would NOT be where I am today without Christina,” Tom added. It seems innocent at first, but it’s a lowkey dig to someone’s significant others who might do the opposite of Christina. The pragmatic ones who call someone’s BS immediately, I might say. I’m no one’s partner but let me tell you this, it’s not always bad to say NO to a course especially to the likes of Tom’s. Know why I don’t recommend his “Master FBA” program by reading the review below.

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First, let me explain what Tom Wang’s program is about. It’s actually an online training program that covers topics on how to be successful in Amazon FBA. The primary advice here is to follow Tom’s Single Product Profit System and proprietary Rank and Bank method.

This Product Profit System is just his technical “look at me, I’m an expert hurr durr” term to say that you better stick to one product first. It should also be one of the “boring everyday products” that retails for 50 bucks or less. It’s like the opposite of selling high-ticket products. The reason behind this from Tom is to be able to have a decent inventory of the products at $1,000-$2,000 capital. He’ll also show how to contact many suppliers, up to sixty different ones, to find a product at rock-bottom price. Sounds like something I can learn by myself unless I need to learn Mandarin to speak to these Chinese suppliers. His Rank and Bank method just means paying for ads, no mention of the organic ones such as Google SEO.

Both methods are discussed primarily through a 200+ modules divided into chapters. The chapters titled according to their main topic are the following: Welcome and Setup, How to Find your First Winning Product, Sourcing, Negotiation, and Logistics Secrets, Building the Foundations for Launch, 4 Week Launch Plan, PPC Setup for Launch, PPC Bulk Uploading, Before You Start Ranking, How to Get Reviews on Amazon, Maintain and Scale, and Finance Side of Amazon FBA Business.

All of that is just his flagship course that retails for around $5,490 to $9,000, depending on how much they quote you on a call. In a typical deceptive manner, they’ll offer you the highest price first. Any sign of resistance, like finding the price too steep for example, will trigger them to offer a lower and “discounted” price. If someone’s taking pride at the quality of their course and is providing actual value, the possibility of a huge markdown is closer to none.

Turns out, Tom knows that his course is not that worthy at all and will be happy to squeeze a few thousand bucks from you. To be fair, the flagship course is somewhat comprehensive but still not worth $5,490 or more to me. This greedy mf is even eager to squeeze whatever every step of the way since he’s charging twenty bucks for what is basically a sales pitch of his pricier courses.

Master FBA Reviews

I’ve reviewed countless numbers of courses before, what I mean by Tom’s course not being worthy is that it’s not necessary to pay that much for such course. There’s nothing special in it since Tom doesn’t have any FBA business anymore. He had one before, but he already sold it. I don’t think a course based on a store from a distant past will be useful at all to taste some success in the competitive af market of FBA today.

There’s a reason he’s just peddling course instead of selling at Amazon himself. No way he can profit for $30,000 a pop by selling there today. Still not possible in the past since his previous store leans towards the strategy of selling cheap products at very high volumes. But he absolutely can with selling a dream packaged in a course and mentorship offer to gullible people. I mean, his upsells on the flagship course he labeled as upgrades to VIP tier and Diamond tier costs $12,000 and $30,000.

Again, I’ll warn you that you don’t need that pay that amount to learn FBA. You need it on the actual store. I also don’t think there’s any specific method that you can follow at all to be successful here. If you don’t have much capital to begin with, then I’ll advise you to just skip the FBA as your business model altogether.

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