Audiobook Masters Course Cost, Concerns

Audiobook Masters Course

Audiobook Masters is a course by Rob Anderson. As the name of the course implies, it’s all about teaching you how to set up an online biz around publishing audiobooks. To Rob, this is the best business opportunity to make money online right now or at the very least, better than selling physical products on Amazon. Is there some truth to it? The answer is in my Audiobook Masters review below.

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To answer the question above, I’ll say yes, there’s some truth to it, but not in a way you’re probably thinking. Audiobook publishing is easily better because you’re comparing it to a terrible business model in Amazon FBA. Not that you can’t earn some coins from the latter, even Rob got something good going in it as he started out as an Amazon seller. It’s just hard nowadays to sniff some success there due to the saturated market. That, and the less cost for handling digital products compared to physical products gives audiobook publishing an edge. However, both models require a relatively huge starting capital.

That’s why Rob created Audiobook Masters course, so you can minimize the financial risks, skip the usual trial and error phase in starting an audiobook publishing biz, and instantly produce winning audiobooks that sell consistently, and not just one hit wonder. Here, you’ll learn directly from Rob who already did the thang before. And according to him, he just didn’t do the thang, but was also very successful in it.

His success made it possible for various travel to cool places, says him, and in general, allowed him to have a dream lifestyle that he always wanted. “And it can do the same thing for you… it can provide whatever your heart desires,” he mentions. He says this because he’s nothing special himself, no experience nor college degree, and so any average person can replicate what he did as well.

So, what’s on the other side of his Audiobook Masters, then? The first thing that stands out to me is Rob’s niche of choice. He’s different from Karla Marie who suggested young adult fiction as the way to go. Quite opposite of Sophie Howard either who vouches for evergreen topics like potty training that are easy to rank on searches.

Instead, he goes for anything non-fiction and “hot” topics like business, weight loss, psychology, self help, or something self improvement related. Quite a bold suggestion, I think. He’s counting on the popularity of the topic in general without considering the stiff competition. Not surprising to hear from a previous Amazon seller of physical products in Rob, he even doubled down and suggested creating a paperback version of the audiobook to sell there, but we carry the hell on.

Audiobook Masters Course Cost, Concerns

Another thing I noticed is him emphasizing on making quality audiobooks. No plagiarism nor churning out garbage books for the quick buck. None of that. Extensive research backed up by data is a must including reading reviews to know what people want. His recommendation of outsourcing the writing and narrating to native english speakers also shows that he wants none of the sweatshop-like biz aka paying unfair wages. For this, I give him a little tap on the back for suggesting the right things. Bare minimum for sure, but at least, it’s one less shameless guru who’s suggesting scummy things straight up. *cough* Mikkelsen Twins *cough*

The price of Audiobook Masters course? Well, Audiobook Masters course costs a one time payment of $997 or two payments of $597. Upon payment, you’ll get the following: Access to audiobook masters online video course; access to an exclusive Audiobook Masters community; access to recommended freelancers including ghostwriters, narrators and cover designers; twice a week live group coaching calls; and dozens of templates and worksheets that you can use.

Not gonna lie, Audiobook Masters is so far the most ethical audiobook and/or book publishing course I’ve ever reviewed. However, I still have some concerns that will stop me from recommending the course. One, why did Rob not show his own published work, at least one out of eighty three of them, as an example in his webinar? Only the sauce can instill some confidence in me knowing that he has no reason to hide ‘em given the niche is “out in the open.” Two, quality audiobooks take a lot of time and money to make. Given the resources involved, it’s a risky biz and definitely not “average person” friendly. Whaddya think?

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