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Ricky Mataka, at first glance, seems to know quite a bit about internet marketing and how to make money online. And whatever method it is, he not only knows how to do it, he knows how to make the method much easier by automating it. After all, he’s the one responsible for a variety of software products that do just that. From Slingly that helps you easily manage your own online eCommerce store, to Touchless Agency, Divorce The Boss Marketing, the list certainly goes on. Today, however, we’re focusing on a niche that he seems to be pitching to others recently, and that is cryptocurrency.

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His pitch video starts with a so-called warning. “What I’m about to show you is gonna knock you off your chair. I got some private information that was only released to a select group earlier this year. And I really want you to hear it.” Then this leads straight to a so-called “live” webinar (which is actually just recorded), where he discusses his new system with an individual named Teo Vanyo.

Their goal for this is that they want to help the average investor get into investing in cryptocurrency without being affected by all the media “noise” that’s going around. Because they believe that all that news about crypto may severely affect the investor’s decision. Like, just because a certain cryptocurrency token is wildly trending on the news, doesn’t mean that you should go ahead and dump all your investment money in it. First, you need to understand the different niches within crypto, each with its own set of pros, cons, projections, and risks. And learning about these niches may help you mitigate some of the risks associated with trading with crypto, but it’s not always a guarantee.

As per Ricky’s disclaimer: Yes, we’ll steer you in the right direction, but we can’t guarantee your results. He then continues his talk. “So don’t take your rent money and put it into crypto. Look, the more you approach this as gambling, the more you’re gonna lose. See, me and Teo are media buyers at heart. Our background is in running Facebook traffic, YouTube traffic, native advertising. And crypto’s a lot like that. You wanna take calculated risks and not just feeling like you’re throwing money onto a blackjack table or a roulette table and hoping for that 35:1 payout. And I hate to say it but that’s a lot of the mentality out there.”

His business partner Teo then explains how some of their community members were able to get massive gains by investing in crypto. And it’s quite simple, actually. You leverage sites like DEXTools and Etherscan to spy on the movers and shakers in the crypto space. And then you do what they do. While simple, this strategy is what allowed one of their members to turn their $2,800 investment into $142,000. The idea here is you have to catch on to the most recent crypto movements before a lot of people do. Aside from the advantage of being the first to catch on to that trend, it also serves a more important purpose: If more people catch on to the trend, the price of the crypto will drive up, thus giving you more profit over your investment.

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As you can probably tell, the strategy is effective. But there’s still one flaw in that strategy: It’s still manual work. You may spend quite a lot of time opening up the tools you need, looking at various charts, analyzing them very carefully, then opening up your trading software and making your move. For experienced traders, this should be a piece of cake and can be done in mere minutes. But overtime, it can get pretty clunky and tiring. Especially when you’re dealing with several crypto tokens.

And this is where Ricky comes in with his newest system today, Vaynosoft.io. “Me and Teo got together a couple months ago and we decided, we’re gonna automate this, okay? This strategy is so lucrative that we’re gonna build a software that’s gonna allow us to see this like a crystal ball. In one quick glance inside the Vanyosoft app, you can see the top 25 bought tokens, as well as the top 25 sold tokens. And if you want more information on any of those coins, click on it, and up pops all the intel, everything you need to know.”

The Vaynosoft tool is also accessible if you join Ricky and Teo’s own community, Divorce The Boss. It comes in the form of a private Discord group chat where you can discuss and share strategies with fellow crypto traders. Aside from it, you can get all that plus weekly crypto training, secret NFT insights, early airdrop notifications, and much more. It costs $997 to get full access to the community. It’s honestly cheap, given the number of goodies they offer here. But is it necessary to pay for a system and training that, if you did your due diligence, you can potentially get for free? Personally, I don’t think so, but it’s probably worth getting for the tool and the community. But I still have my reservations about this, so join at your own discretion.

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