Mattress Flipping Side Hustle Review

Mattress Flipping Side Hustle

Mattress flipping side hustle is for real, and that’s why we’re reviewing it here. In particular, the money-making opportunity is courtesy of ShareTown, a company handling oversized product returns which, of course, includes mattresses. Becoming a rep of this company is basically how you start with the side biz. Curious about how this works? I got ya with ‘em deets down below.

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The gist of mattress flipping is not that different compared to typical flipping biz: Get a hold of your asset [in this case, mattresses] with the intent of selling it for a quick profit. I mean, no reason to hold out here because they typically don’t appreciate. Not unless we’re talking about a situation involving simps, they’ll probably fight over some e-girl’s old ass, squeaky mattresses like how they did over Belle Delphine’s bathwater.

Now, where would you get these mattresses to flip, then? Thank god, they won’t be from the e-girls I mentioned above nor from the stinky dumpsters and whatnots. Instead, it would be from peeps who would like to return their gently-used, almost good as new mattresses for a refund or exchange.

Hauling mattresses that’s out of the box (i.e. not vacuum-sealed and compact) is a huge pain mattresses manufacturers don’t want to deal with. That’s why there’s ShareTown who’ll manage these returns on their behalf, including contacting a particular mattress flipper, their rep, when there’s a mattress available for collection in the rep’s area.

That mattress flipper slash ShareTown’s rep could be you if you’re a US citizen that has the following: Means to haul the mattresses safely like a pickup truck; a clean, dry space to store mattresses between pickups and drop-offs; and a smartphone to help with directions. And oh, you also need some big, beefy biceps too [or some helping hands if your own physical strength won’t allow it ] to lift those bulky mattresses in and out your truck. 

As I’ve said earlier, it’ll be ShareTown who’ll do the work of finding the returns that’s reasonable for mattress flippers within the area to pick up. Which also means that there’s no need for the flippers to post some kind of bandit signs to sell their service, or knock door-to-door asking if someone’s got a Casper to spare. As a ShareTown’s rep, you’ll only make your move once ShareTown hooks you up with a pickup deal that you agreed with.

Is your job done once you hauled the mattresses? Not really as you’d still need to sell and flip them yourself. That’s why they call you a mattress flipper, not a freight delivery fella. And so you’ll also want the mattresses you hauled to be listed for resale. Some undesirable ones won’t be sold, but don’t worry, ShareTown will still compensate you for your hauling service.

ShareTown assures that the said mattresses would be sold most of the time, though. As expected, they’ll take a cut, but then, you can pocket the rest. And what remains for you is apparently enough to be a decent side hustle as ShareTown’s website listed earnings anywhere between $800 to $4,000 a month.

To make it less confusing, let’s take the figure mentioned in an interview by a ShareTown rep named Stacy in the AZ area. Specifically, she says that she earns around $250 per item on the average. That’s excluding ShareTown’s cut already, so it’s clean, take-home money. So far, so good?

Mattress Flipping Side Hustle Review

Biz sounds promising fosho,  especially when you consider that becoming a ShareTown’s rep to do this  mattress flipping side hustle is also free of charge. All you have to do is get qualified by having the requirements I mentioned earlier and you’re golden. Isn’t that easy-peasy?

If you somehow got a pickup truck already, then it’s easy. Obviously, not everyone has that kind of wheels which makes qualifying not-so-easy after all. If you’re buying one just for the sake of this side hustle, then it would make the biz not beginner friendly at all. Why, pickup trucks cost around $40k. Forty freakin’ K. Not to mention that not everyone also has a space to fit in at least ten bulky mattresses.

Personally, I wouldn’t bother with a side hustle that requires a whole lot of bits and bobs to get going. Mind you, your job as a mattress flipper doesn’t end with picking mattresses and listing ‘em up for resale. You also need to clean the items and storage space, communicate with those interested in buying your resale [good luck with time wasters and lowballers], all that stuff. I’d rather choose an online gig for a side hustle instead. Less hassle IMHO.

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