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Mawer Capital Reviews

Mawer Capital

Mawer Capital’s Rudy Mawer shares how his parents helped him become who he is today. According to him, they made him believe that anything’s possible when you “put your mind to it, set big goals, and work hard.” Seems like it works for him quite well since he’s now the CEO of several multimillion dollar brands (or so he says) including Mawer Capital. Speaking of which, discover what his Mawer Capital offers in my review down below.

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A brief intro on who’s Rudy first. He calls himself a lot of things. Entrepreneur, marketer, investor, Facebook ads and funnels expert, and all those fancy schmancy labels. But before those labels fit him, he’s a personal trainer first. Says he loves the fitness industry, but in no way satisfied with what he was making as a trainer.

Set big goals, amirite? That’s what he did. He’s the dude who asserts in having an “entrepreneurial brain” that desires a lotta money and a life of freedom afterall. In an interview with ABC Action News, he mentions: “So, my goal ever since I was a kid was to be a millionaire. I don’t know why, I loved Monopoly, and I loved making money as a kid.”

In the same interview above, he also shares how you wanna be the smallest person in the room to succeed. Wanna make a few million, he says surround yourself with peeps making ten, twenty, thirty million. Someone like the latter? Then, try to hang out with billionaires next. “You should always be learning from someone ahead of you,” he adds.

If it wasn’t obvious, the last bit is him implying that you should learn under Mawer Capital. He’s that someone who’s apparently ahead of us. Besides, the interview is sort of an ad for the biz plus the interviewer herself clarifies that he, Rudy, wants us to learn from him (Mawer Capital). That being said, what’s with Mawer Capital?

Simply put, Mawer Capital is a marketing consulting agency for up and coming, highly motivated, and ambitious entrepreneurs. This program offers both mentorship and partnership in their 12-month Business Accelerator offer. I say it’s 12 months, but I’m really not so sure. That’s because Rudy also mentions in the website how he condensed 10 years (of experience) down to 10 weeks. Maybe it’s about another course, or maybe not. Who knows.

Anyway, the highlight of this offer is close collaboration and one-on-one support from Rudy. Here, he can help you with the following: Launch and scale winning offers, develop a scalable business, run profitable Facebook ad campaigns, build out a profitable backend, develop a webinar strategy, and many more.

In addition, he’ll also provide some networking opportunities for ya. Attending events with Rudy as one of the speakers, while you as his special guest; spread word about your biz and collaborate with like minded people on a summit booth paid for by Rudy; stay in a luxury house with Rudy and other partners for a private mastermind; get a shoutout from Rudy; and all that kind of stuff.

Lastly, you’re not only able to tap into Rudy’s big brain, but also into his marketing team and “business building superstars”. The goal is to have your own dedicated marketing team on board. But before having that, his team are the ones who’ll build the funnels, write the copy and launch, run and optimize the ads. Just remember that they’ll only help as they see fit and like they say, amounts of access (to the marketing team) will vary.

Mawer Capital Reviews

Given the inclusion, I fear that Mawer Capital’s price at around $30k (or likely more) will gate-keep the many entrepreneurs they say they’re looking for. Forget about highly ambitious entrepreneurs, this is only for those who can pay. Worse, this is probably for barely-able-to-pay suckers too who simp hard for the dude. 

Like, I can’t fathom how a shoutout from Rudy is used here as a selling point. He got an interview alright, but it’s likely a paid one by him. He’s barely making any noise in social media, so there’s not much clout to gain here, I’m afraid. To add, what’s with the flex of getting to stay with him and other suckers, er, partners for free? Y’all having an orgy or what? You paid him anyway, so it’s not really free. Duh!

Finally, I’m not recommending anyone who’s flexing their affiliation with Grant Cardone. Grant’s decent at bully marketing, but sh*t at everything else. Not to mention his twisted world views, just f*ck no. If Rudy’s surrounding himself with that sh*t human being, I don’t wanna let him surround me and you. Like, FOH dude. Thus, I don’t recommend joining him in Mawer Capital. Y’all better get ya marketing fix somewhere else.

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