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Max Tornow

Max Tornow says that he wants to reel you out of the fake shiny world of Instagram influencers. “I’ll prove to you what real life looks like,” he adds. Yup, this dude is really blurting that out while doing all these fake shiny world stuff himself. The travel, the wheels, and the harem he shows on cam are all fake in one way or another. How ironic, right? I’ll tell you more about him below.

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Before becoming a business guru selling money-making courses, Max was a well-received pick-up artist in the dating space before. His screen name that time is not even Max Tornow yet, it’s RSD Max. RSD as in Real Social Dynamics, one of the largest  companies with self-improvement coaching aimed at men.

RSD itself is a bit problematic like, well, almost every company with self-improvement coaching aimed at men ever. From what I read about it, it’s gimmicky, it’s disproportionately focused on getting laid rather than self-improvement, and it has very, very troublesome coaches like RSD Julian.

Julian is so problematic, he’s kicked out by Aussies before he even finished all his seminars there. As they should BTW as this sexist POS is suggesting physical violence and emotional abuse to “pick up” women. He’s really saying to choke ladies to shut ‘em up, and NOT in a consensual way, as part of his “dark humor” schtick. Disgusting.

To be fair, RSD Max is not that bad. He’s a safe choice among these self-improvement fanboys as his persona is just being a cool “Alpha” nerd. However, it’s this early when he started out faking his sh*t. He’s always saying that the girls we see with him are there because he’s good at the game when in reality, those girls are just paid workers. Dude really thinks he’s the main character, huh?

Fast forward to now, he’s now claiming that he’s an expert on making money online through coaching. A fair claim as his stint in RSD is him really making money from coaching (but on dating). The problem is he’s promising every other person that they can do it as well (only a few select can). He’s really letting all the people in just to sell his very expensive Freedom Business Mentoring program.

There’s a reason lots are saying that 95% fail at making any money at all with Max’s program. Unlike Max, lots of people don’t have a known company like RSD to help ‘em have the audience reach like Max has, and effectively jumpstart their coaching career. RSD made Max, and it’s not the other way around.

Personally, I think that 95% is still too low given that the success stories I’ve seen so far seem disingenuous. Looks like fake testimonials from either freelancers who are paid to say all the good things about the program, or the delusional fanboys from his RSD Max days that’ll keep riding his meat like they’re his hoe.

To add, his sales team is notorious for boiler-room bully sales tactics. Their agenda is to make you rush your purchase decision, so you won’t be able to think through it. If you ever showed resistance on paying their ridiculous fees, they’ll straight up talk you down. Even use the personal info you submitted to ridicule you and sh*t. Isn’t that illegal?

Max Tornow Reviews

And you know what, they ain’t stopping with their bullying once you’re inside their program. Say any legitimate concerns about the program, and they’ll kick you out. Most of the time, they’ll send threats too to shush you from posting honest reviews. Speaking of such, a reviewer mentions that saying something unfavorable to Max is the worst as you’ll be marked as “an unstable person with a bunch of twisted lies”. Wow.

Then, there’s the content of the course training. It’s bad as they’re actually telling you to be bad and unethical. Here, Max emphasizes that all you need to have to become a “coach” is shallow knowledge. Like damn, being a fake guru himself is not enough, he’d be making the next generation of ‘em too.

All that sh*t for the price of Max’s Freedom Business Mentoring program at $5k. Not-so-fun fact, the “mentoring” program doesn’t have any actual mentorship unless you pay a lot more. Specifically, you have to avail an upsell that costs $8k for mentorship. And I thought the initial $5k price was already bad enough. Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend him and his programs.

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