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Max International Commissions Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

We can’t really control aging, can we? Many products have been invented to help us look more pleasing from the get go as the days go by. Some of these are beauty makeup, weight management and body health supplements, artificial antioxidants, and many more. All of these can help you in your daily life, but at what cost? Let’s look at my Max International Review below.

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Steven K. Scott, a renowned author, known for his book “Mentored by a Millionaire” and “Richest Man Who Ever Lived” is also the Co-Founder of Max International (also known as the Glutathione Company) How cool is that? So it is a company that is known for their work on supplements that enhance glutathione in our body.  His goal is to help the world to have better health and make those people who join be financially stable to be able to live their lives to the Max. What an interesting catchphrase, isn’t it?

“I love that Max International is expanding country after country”, says Stephen Scott on the slowly uptrend progress of Max International . It is exciting to go and see people who never had any financial opportunity all of a sudden see their lives transformed to where they become literally economic business builders..”, He added. His face shows enthusiasm and gratitude for all the people who contribute to the success of the company.

To become part of this thriving company as a distributor, there is a one time payment of $25 for the Business Activation fee (this includes brochures, sales paraphernalias, etc) and another $25 annual fee to get access to your Virtual Office. It is like a software that will assist you on keeping track of your business, so they say.

And then they have an AutoShip program, a monthly subscription plan for consumers only. These preferred customers can buy products of their own choice (because it looks like some items are pre-made bundles and you don’t want to receive items that you don’t need, do you?) for upto 20% discount on every purchase.

Now let’s look at their compensation plan and let’s see what their weekly commissions have to offer. Just like every other MLMs out there, sell products and earn retail commissions. You buy their product at wholesale prices and then you sell it to your peers, colleagues, family, friends or even to people that you don’t know (looking for a target market, right?) at retail price. And then you keep the difference. Easy money on the get go. 

So preferred customers as I stated earlier, are the customers of an Associate that subscribed to the AutoShip program. You will get a percentage of CV and PV of the products purchased and it will be counted to your account. Since you need to maintain a certain amount of PV to be eligible to get monthly commissions, referring someone to a monthly subscription may help you one way or the other.

And lastly, there is the Fast Start Income. Not like the preferred customer’s income where you enroll a customer, in Fast Start, you will enroll a new Associate. You will gain commissions based on the starter pack the new Associate purchases within the first 60 days of enrollment. The enrollment packs are as follows:

  • Personal Pack – $130-$179
  • Professional Pack – $549
  • Premiere Pack – $999

There’s a lot of brainwashing to do for you to convince your new recruit to even buy the Professional Pack, what more with the Premier Pack (higher the pack value, higher the commission, right?). Goodness gracious!

Monthly commissions involve ranks, binary tree organizations where you earn commissions based on the performance of your weakest leg, global bonus pool that can bring you to other places, all expenses paid basically by beating your all time high in sales, a matching check bonus based on your power team’s sales/performance under your supervision, and max living bonus that pays you monthly by meeting the monthly requirements (for ranks platinum to diamond only).

I only give emphasis on giving details about the weekly commissions Max International has to offer because if you plan to be part of it in the long run, please don’t. Don’t waste your time, energy and money in this kind of setup. 50% of all MLMs participants quit within one year and there is more loss than profit in this line of work. It is much the same as Xyngular, another MLM company that I reviewed.

I don’t recommend you joining Max International. The easiest way for you to earn money here is to recruit several people, which is the hardest thing to do, in my opinion. Not only that they will think you’re annoying, this may as well make them move farther from you because of your persistence. Connection is important but you need to have the proper mindset to be successful.

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