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You can find a lot of different people on YouTube who will tell you how you can earn money. From real estate to stock trading, there are a lot of different ways you can earn money from. Depending on what kind of way you want to earn money from, there is certainly a ton of people out there who will have something that might interest you. A lot of people hinge on having a presence on a lot of social media platform in order to lead people to a website where they can sell the expertise that they have to you.

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Max Maxwell made a name for himself by selling real estate. But it didn’t start out that easily. He was the son of two immigrant parents from Jamaica. Since a lot of people migrate to the United States to find a better life or to achieve the American dream, his parents worked extra hard to make sure that they had lived a decent life in the country. In high school, he was part of a sports team. Unfortunately, he couldn’t maintain the grade point average needed for him to continue playing sports when he went to college.

So he decided to join the U.S. Air Force after he graduated from high school. He spent four years working for them. But he didn’t really want to extend for another four. So he left and started to do things on his own terms. He started a lawn care company. It did well initially but it didn’t really last long. He did a lot of other stuff until he decided to get a real estate license. Shortly after, he decided to become a broker but he wasn’t feeling really feeling it.

Eventually, he went on to start his property management company. Luckily, he got in touch with somebody who wanted him to manage his entire portfolio. At that point, his company was still a few days old, but something in him compelled him to say yes. So he did what he could to learn more. Then the 2008 housing market crisis happened. He packed up his bags and drove from North Carolina to California.

He did a lot of stuff from coast to coast, doing marketing in California, then did some other stuff on the road. He ended up in Maine where he managed a restaurant, but the building for it was put up for auction. So a lot of things has happened to him at that point, but it didn’t seem to stop him from learning something new out of those experiences. Somehow, he managed to end in Florida during a period where they were voting to legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. It lead him to study about what’s needed to be certified in that industry in Colorado. Unfortunately, it went nowhere.

He was slowly approaching thirty, so he basically spent most of his adult life at that point trying to get back up only for the world to say FU back to him. Eventually he went back home to his mom’s house. It was at that point that lead him back to real estate. It lead him going into the rabbit hole of YouTube videos where they talked about wholesale real estate. And that’s where his life started to get back in track. But it wasn’t without any challenges.

Life became a bit steady. Somehow he managed to get a license to become a pilot. He even managed to have a plane built. That lead him to co-found an aviation company with Mike Ojo and Algen Albritten where they build planes. His initial experience at the Air Force sort of lead him to this point of his life, unknowingly. With so many different ventures including an online platform that teaches you about wholesale real estate, it’s no wonder that he has managed to have an estimated net worth of $9,000,000.

It’s definitely been an interesting journey for Max. I would’ve never expected that there were a lot of hardships that has happened prior to him becoming successful. He managed to get out of those hardships and applied what he learned from it towards his success. It’s pretty commendable. And it makes sense that he found a way to monetize the knowledge he accumulated to help other people looking to learn more about it. That’s where it usually goes, anyway.

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