MCA Money Review (Oz Konar)

Oz Konar

Oz Konar thought that earning some MCA Money as a sales consultant in the Big Apple is the pinnacle of his career. He’s already earning over six figures, what else could he ask for? Well, all is apparently well until that one time his wife asked him when they’ll be able to have dinner together again. Alas, that question turned into some hard-hitting reality check and made him realize that he’s trading time for money.

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The realization made him stop settling for his “cubicle” jobs. Made him switch to establishing his own marketing agency instead. Not that he made the switch instantly, he actually started his new thang by doing both – running the agency while having a full time sales job at the same time. His approach in marketing was even different before, but he had another lightbulb moment that made him go from an all-around agency to stick-to-one type. That one market he chose to focus on? Unsurprisingly, the market of MCA and alternative lending. Back to his roots, he goes.

The agency is an instant success. Words about it spread like wildfire as he and his team are getting massive results for their clients. This is all according to Oz by the way. And oh, he also mentioned that due to his agency’s success, people became aware of his online presence and began reaching out to work for him.

The problem, however, is that the said people reaching out got the wrong idea. They want to enter the alternative lending industry, but what they’re asking out of Oz’s agency are cold leads and aged data. As someone who worked in the MCA space before, Oz knows that telemarketing, cold-calling, and relying on outdated data to start a lending business is just a waste of resources.

And so he asks, “why try to convince someone to buy your product, who might not even be interested in it, when you can have a hot customer find and come to ask you to help them with their business funding?” The point is he apparently knows the right way to start a lending business. He got asked too many times about it even, so he decided to put up a how-to course. Then Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) Success Blueprint, it’s now called Business Lending Blueprint.

Here, you’ll be taught on how to start making some money in the alternative lending industry and that is by being a business loan broker. Simply put, you’ll assist business owners who usually can’t get their loan request approved on their own. Help them get funding from capital lenders and you’ll get some juicy commission in return.

You’ll learn how to do that, being a good business loan broker and getting a booming lending business, primarily through the six video modules on the other side of the course. You’ll get it along with the following: a DFY website, scripts and templates for contracts and deals, and a weekly one-on-one coaching session with lending experts. The price to start getting some MCA money in the alternative lending industry like Oz did? Well, the key to some MCA money aka Business Lending Blueprint costs a one time payment of $2,197 or three equal payments of $845.

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Oz might make it sound like being a business loan broker is an easy thing to do, something where just a lil nudge to the right path is needed to succeed, but it’s not. Hence, signing up for his course is not a guarantee that you’ll be a good one. The business opportunity is legit, but it has a lot of moving parts fo sho.

At the bare minimum, anyone who wants to take part is required to have a social media presence, a network of connections within the industry, some sales chops, and be in the know of other nuances in lending. The common denominator of the requirements is being something that can’t be taught in any course ever including Business Lending Blueprint.

We’re not even addressing the elephant in the room here yet which is the expensive AF cost of his course. From a slightly reasonable $700 before to almost $2,200 now! The figure is even higher for the flexible payment option at exactly $2,535 in total. Worst, I don’t see any reasons from him why he jacked up the prices either, only reviews from disgruntled people around the second quarter of year 2021 who thought Oz not honoring the previous price is unfair. To conclude, I’m not recommending Oz Konar and his way to earn MCA money.

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