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Ted McGrath is an is an online entrepreneur, coach, and public speaker. He has tried several online businesses ever since he was 21 years old, but none of them have fulfilled his passion other than public speaking and coaching. Nevertheless, during his early start, he still had some struggles, as he can’t even find at least two clients in a month. But then he discovered a little secret that allowed him to scale from two clients a month to twenty clients a month, and now to over two thousand customers every single month. So how did he do it? What’s his secret? Let’s find out in this Ted McGrath review.

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Ted says that if you want to scale your online coaching or service business, just like he did, all you have to do is one thing. And that is to learn how to create effective video presentations that actually produce sales. He says that the first presentations he ever made were for the ads that he ran for various social media, specifically, Facebook and YouTube. He then discovered almost immediately that, while they were good at getting people to his website, the traffic didn’t convert. Meaning he’s not getting any sales at all. Only leads. He then came to the realization that he need to enhance the engagement of his sales pages, since they were all text at the time. So he started creating sales videos for his offers, and it worked.

Clients are now coming over to him because of his new ad strategy. However, he did notice another thing. Some who saw his ads were ready to buy his offers right away. Ted knew that he needed to build more trust with his leads. So he began to crank out more content videos. He created three types of videos for his marketing campaign. Namely, video ads, video sales letters, and content videos. Once he covered all those three types, he now has a complete system. A video presentation system that would allow him to scale to 2,000 clients a month over the course of the next year. Eventually, Ted spends more than $200,000 a month on paid ads.

But with that much money spent on paid ads, what about his ROI? Ted claims his online business did almost eight million dollars in revenue last year. Basically, for every $1 he spent, he gets $3 or more back, or more than triple his investment. He then asks if you would like to also implement this in your business, so you can start getting clients as soon as this week. If you do, Ted offers a free template that outlines this entire strategy. Specifically, how to make content videos, video advertisements, and sales videos that allow you to turn cold traffic into buyers all day every day.

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And all you have to do to find out more about it is to sign up. If you do, Ted will then pitch you with his online course, which he calls The Fast Client Formula. It claims that it’ll teach you how to land clients faster, resulting in doubling or even tripling your sales and income at a much faster rate. Ted then continues the video ad, “In this system I have three things. #1 is the Offer To Millions System. It’s simply a one page template with deep dive video training that shows you seven steps on how to make the most powerful offer on the planet. That actually gets clients fast.”

“The second component in the system is my Simple Enrollment System. It’s based on my bestselling book with a ten-hour audio training. It shows you how to make a phone call, how to diffuse any objection a client has, how to understand the psychology of buyers. And the third thing you need is to know is how to tell a story. How to share your message with millions. I guarantee this product,” Ted then closes his video ad by stating that if you buy his online course today, you’ll receive a 90% discount on the offer. There’s no mention on how much The Fast Client Formula costs anywhere, though. Seems like the only way to find out is to book a call with Ted’s team. Expect a few upsells afterwards, though.

As for Ted, he seems to be one of the cool gurus out there. And he seems to know what he’s doing. The course content here is also pretty good for me. But to be honest, I don’t think anyone should go for paid ads immediately for their traffic, especially if you’re a beginner. Due to its paid nature, you’re going to need a good amount of sales first because you start using any form of paid ads. Besides, if you’re not careful with your Facebook marketing campaign, your ad account may end up getting banned. Also, creating a coaching program is just the beginning. It’s going to take plenty of hard work before you can earn passive income from this business model.

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