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Kate McShea has been helping network marketers grow their businesses for over a decade. She believes the industry is finally ready to embrace social media and the internet as a primary way to build your downline. He recommends doing this with attraction marketing. It’s not about a Facebook post, a marketing funnel, or how you brand yourself. Rather, it is a philosophy. And that philosophy is that value should be placed over everything else. Kate has a way of turning that into money, but can it also work for you as a network marketer? Let’s see in this Kate McShea review.

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The question is, how do you become a person of value if you are not successful yet? Maybe you just joined your first MLM business. Or moved on to a new one. Or you’ve been at it for years and have little to no results to report. It’s about changing your mindset, says Kate. Stop asking “Who can I register?” and you start asking “Who can I influence?” You’ll become a person who listens, gives, and wants to help.

The misconception about attraction marketing, Kate explains, is that it’s completely passive. You post content, sit down and wait for business builders to sign up under you. It can certainly work if you’re a well-known name in the industry (probably Kate herself). But for the average direct seller (like you, the reader), you still need to actively interact with people. Both online and offline. Your ability to attract, influence, sign up, earn and scale depends on it.

Let yourself be fascinated by your industry too. Be it skincare, weight loss, forex, or essential oils. It goes without saying that you should know your products perfectly, and what solution it offers. But go beyond. Be curious Look for answers. Read, watch, listen, learn. Soak up as much knowledge as possible. Be committed to the bigger picture. When you do this, your confidence, passion, and belief in your products and opportunities will be magnetic.

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A person of value invests in themselves and wants a thorough understanding of everything they are involved in. They anticipate questions and concerns someone might have and gather the information needed to address them effectively. Kate says, “So if you don’t feel like you have value just yet, those are very simple things you can do. It’s just making a commitment to that behavior.” Good point, to be honest. What else does Kate recommend?

If you’re doing something that’s working, don’t stop. Just improve it by incorporating these little things to make yourself even more appealing to your prospects. And slow down. Ask questions if needed. Check out their social media networks. Get to know people, their pains, their desires, and their obstacles. So you can actually help them instead of just trying to sell them. Remove any hidden agenda from it. Just be a good person. Treat every conversation, whether face-to-face or via private message, as a personal challenge to becoming a person of value. Your mindset should be that you’re offering a solution to their problem, instead of selling a product to them. The silver lining to all the craziness that has happened in the world in recent years is that people are craving connection and conversation more than ever. If you can let them know that they are important, that they are important to you, not only is that your civic duty, but it will definitely help you stand out.

If you want to learn more about the attraction marketing methods Kate uses to succeed in her network marketing venture, sign up for her free ten-day boot camp. There may be expensive upsells after that, so keep that in mind. Kate seems to have a good point in everything that she says. But as I always say, MLMs are an ugly business. Very ugly business. It’s much better if you don’t even touch anything that’s related to that business model at all. Instead, if you want to learn an online business that doesn’t involve you bearing some shame in yourself, or making some people distrust you everytime they approach you, click on the link below.

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