The Wholesale Formula Review (Dan Meadors & Dylan Frost)

Dan Meadors & Dylan Frost

The Wholesale Formula, first and foremost, claims to be a beginner-friendly course. At least, that’s what I gather from their statement of being something anyone can follow to build a successful Amazon Business. Created by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost, the course is focused on teaching how to make money from Amazon FBA wholesale opportunity. But isn’t it too late to be doing that? See what they have to say about my sentiment below.

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Dan and Dylan admit that the best time to start an Amazon biz was day one. While Amazon was established back in the late 90s, their FBA program was only launched in 2006. The latter is the day one these two dudes are probably talking about.

Unless one of you is Dr. Emmett Brown of Back To The Future, y’all won’t have a time machine to go back in time. So, what now? Well, Dan and Dylan are like, fret not, ‘cause the second best time [to start an Amazon biz] is TODAY. 

In other words, these dudes believe that it’s never too late to be starting an Amazon biz. Of course, they would say that. They’re selling us an FBA course afterall. Quite frankly, I disagree with their stance. Not when they don’t give any compelling reason for me to believe otherwise.

Like, I don’t care if they say Amazon, the company, is worth trillions of dollars. Just because not every dime is going to Bezos and the megacorps, It doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone would get some. There’s no course, not even The Wholesale Formula, that would guarantee everyday people of getting a slice in the pie, let alone getting measly crumbs. Not with the state of FBA today.

Simply put, Amazon FBA is too saturated already. Besides, starting with only $600 like Dan and Dylan before is not possible now, and that’s excluding the price you have to pay for their rather expensive course. You’ll need lotta Gs for inventory alone. Safe to say, the business model is not really beginner friendly.

IMHO, if you’re strapped for cash, the best thing to do with Amazon today is to NOT start any stores with them at all. You got better options hun, no need to settle for less. Any course with mentors repeatedly telling their students to just be resourceful [read: you’re on your own] won’t sit well with me too, like ever.

What I’m saying is, the mentors of The Wholesale Formula did exactly that. It’s not the business model nor them, it’s all on YOU if you fail. Which is disingenuous to say the least. Because, again, Amazon is not the sure-fire money maker business model they say it is. For the price you’ll be paying with their course, the lack of support is inexcusable either.

Speaking of the price, the cost of The Wholesale Formula is a one time payment of $2,997 or four monthly payments of $874. For the prime version, the cost jumps to a one time payment of $3,497. Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend buying the course. ‘Cause if there’s a gaslighting competition, Dan, Dylan, and the rest of The Wholesale Formula peeps would easily clear. I don’t FW that, and neither should you.

Despite everything else, I still acknowledge Dan and Dylan’s positive actions. For instance, they seem graceful and open to feedback regardless of how harsh it is. Low of a bar, I know, but it’s still something given the large number of immature, whiny gurus these days.

The Wholesale Formula Review

In addition, they also clarified that starting in FBA with only $600 like them is already not feasible these days. Personally, I’d like the clarification more if they include it on their site’s homepage, but an obscure one is better than nothing, I guess.

Although, I should say that their estimate of $2,000 as a starting budget is still too conservative. Regardless, here’s what you’ll get in the course that’s worth more than their estimate: core training in video format, webinar recordings, bonus reference materials such as The Business Owners Playbook, and access to a private Facebook group.

Core training comes with six modules and fifty two lessons, delivered in drip feed passion ala Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton’s Kibo Eclipse. Hence, there are comments about them purposely keeping you hooked until the refund period expires. You’ll only realize that the course is lacking until it’s too late to get your money back. Not a problem if you simply refrain from buying. Just let it go, um-kay?

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