Meet Kevin Exposed

How often do you come across a famous youtuber when you usually search for  “How to make money 101” or “Easiest way to earn money today”? Well, search engines are designed so that most viewed videos using your keywords will pop-up first on the list, and Meet Kevin is one of those famous youtube content creators especially when we’re talking about real estate investing. I know you’re here to know more about this Meet Kevin so below is my review.

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Meet Kevin is a youtube channel created and owned by Kevin Paffrath. He is known as an investor, a landlord and a broker, and now, a famous youtuber offering real estate investing programs and other make money courses in youtube, with the use of his own channel. He got his real estate license back in 2010, and that’s when he and his wife built the Paffrath Organization.

Before all this youtube thing, The Paffrath Organization is a real estate business that operates in the southern part of California, where his wife Lauren acts as the property manager. Kevin is also known for being a politician. A busy body it is. He ran as governor in a democratic party but has lost to the current California governor, Gavin Newsom. And in recent rumors, he intends to run again in the 2022 Gubernatorial Elections. Well, wish him luck.

The internet has been a huge factor in today’s market and that’s when Kevin decided to make his own youtube channel to reach more people. He started his channel September in 2020, and to my surprise, according to my research, it reached over a million subscribers in December of the same year. Fascinating, ain’t it? One can simply conclude that “maybe” his ways are effective and have helped a lot of people with just the number of subscribers alone, but that’s not always the case.

You can actually earn money with the programs offered by Kevin, but we all know that it is not as cheap as you think. Even when acting solo, real estate investing requires a minimum of at least 25% of the property you’re about to buy, if you want to see multiple figures, that is. Because why not? Day trading is more popular these days, but not all are making a cut out of it, and making money with youtube might be the easiest way to earn, when done properly that is. That’s why these courses and programs are made.

His Real Estate Investing: From $0 to Millionaire and Beyond costs $888 and it has 21 sections within it. Financing, valuation of the property, renovations (if needed), investing methods and principles are some of the most important key points included in the course when it comes to investing in real estates. Beyond these 21 sections, he also offers private livestream and private discord chat and other future training updates. 

Another one is the DIY Property Management and Rental Renovation Course that costs $1579. It is somewhat related to the first course, but in this one, he talks about how you will manage and do maintenance on your bought property. It teaches how to find a proper tenant and how you will advertise your rental services. This course has 31 sections in it and it also comes with the private livestream and discord chat for future training updates.

It’s not that surprising that he will make a Youtube Course because why not? He’s a famous youtuber after all and subscribers can take his word for it that you can be successful with the said platform. The course costs $609 and it has 14 sections. Some of the notable parts are where he discusses why some videos fail, how to find the right content for you, his so-called “editing secrets” and many more.

All in all, I don’t consider Meet Kevin as a scam since he has a reputable channel that has over a million subscribers and that way, you can tell that he has a wide range of knowledge on the subject matter that he’s offering. Yes, you can learn many things when you avail the courses, but the capital alone in stock market and real estate investment is already expensive as it is. And in the saturated market as a youtuber, yes you can earn from it, but not as substantial as you think. Maybe it can, but not after many years of hard work.

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