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Meet Kevin Net Worth

Kevin Paffrath isn’t exactly an unknown quantity on this website. There have been a few posts that have critiqued some of the stuff that he has said on his YouTube channel or the courses that he released online. It’s a common thing for a few of the content creators to start making online courses regarding their area of expertise. You have probably seen a lot of my reviews regarding dropshipping courses. You’d be surprised how many of them were created by content creators who started making videos about it. There’s just so many of them out there.

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You may be more familiar with Kevin by his aforementioned YouTube channel, Meet Kevin. If you have seen any of the thumbnails of his videos, you would often see a look of disappointment on his face. I sort of get it. The past three or so years haven’t really been that best period in everyone’s lives. The pandemic really fucked everybody up. That includes the areas that Kevin often talks about in this videos, namely the stock market, housing, and the economy. All three of those areas contribute to one another in a variety of ways.

But let’s go back a little bit. Kevin had an interesting life to say the least. He was born in Germany but later moved to the United States when he was about a year old. His family sort of struggled a bit in finances when he was growing up. Not to mention that his parents divorced when he was six years old. But it seemed that he didn’t struggle all that much in school. He was able to log in 3,000 just by riding along with the police after he participated in program for a law enforcement explorer program. Somehow, one of the officers that he was with mentioned to Kevin that he had a side gig as a realtor.

Kevin met who would soon be his wife Lauren on a trip in Paris. Who would have thought that two high schools in Florida and California would plan a high school trip to Paris around the same time. His infatuation for her lead him to move to the West Coast during the summer before his senior year. Somehow, Lauren’s parents were okay with this random guy that their daughter met in Paris. Because Lauren’s parents were both in the real estate business, Kevin got to learn more about it. His interest in real estate grew because of that.

He went to UCLA to study economics, political science and accounting. It was during that time that he began his real estate career. Because he was still relatively young, he was a bit skeptical that people wouldn’t buy a property from a person of his age. So he and Lauren decided to put together the money they had and try to buy a property they could flip. Flipping houses basically means that you buy a property, renovate it and sell it. But Kevin and Lauren took a different path: they became landlords. Most of the properties they buy became rental properties.

So eventually, Kevin started his YouTube channel to basically tell people what they shouldn’t do when buying properties. Soon enough, he started getting more and more subscribers. Eventually, he has amassed close to two million subscribers on the platform. Considering that he gets tens of thousands of views, he earns a decent amount of money on top of what he earns from renting properties. It’s no wonder Kevin has a net worth of about $15,000,000.

Like I said earlier, Kevin started making his own online courses based on his areas of expertise. He has a course on real estate, a course in becoming a creator on YouTube, and also stock market stuff. He has multiple sources of income which is often a great idea to have. And he’s to be doing well for himself until now. Weirdly enough, he ran for office in California. It’s an interesting moment to note in his career. There was a recall election against governor Gavin Newson. Recall elections happen in California quite often. But seeing as Gavin Newsom won the recall elections, it didn’t that Kevin did all too well. Still, he’s back to renting out properties and making YouTube videos. So it’s not much of a lost.

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