A Sale A Day Business System Review (Mei Pak)

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Mei Pak is probably a face that you may recognize at some point. After all, she’s an actress that has made numerous guest appearances on some T.V. shows, films, and even a video game. Aside from that, she’s a known video gamer, a foodie, and knows how to play several musical instruments, including the piano, violin, and she can even sing. But more importantly, she’s also a successful entrepreneur, being the owner of Creative Hive Co. and Tiny Hands Jewelry. And she was able to grow her business to a multi-million dollar company by selling handcrafted jewelry. Now, as a business coach, she offers to teach other creatives how to earn a consistent income online selling handmade goods.

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To start, Mei states that selling on Etsy should not be your only method of selling handcrafted goods. Relying on the Etsy platform is probably the biggest reason you can’t get past five figures a month. “Etsy is no doubt a great place to start, but it’s the worst place to be in if you eventually want to scale your handmade business to five figures per month or more. Here’s why. Etsy is charging every seller a ¢20 listing fee per product listing, 5% transaction fee on each transaction, and 3% payment processing fees plus ¢25 per transaction. Oh, wait! You still gotta minus off the cost of goods sold.”

Mei then continues. “Plus the shipping cost that Etsy forces you to fork out on your own. After factoring in all of the seller fees, cost of goods sold, and shipping fees, you’re probably only making a few bucks on a, say, $15 product. The harsh truth is Etsy doesn’t care about you. The more items you sell, the happier Etsy is because Etsy’s making more money than you are making for yourself. They don’t care if customers can’t remember your shop name.”

Mei Pak herself actually has her fair share of poor experiences on Etsy as a seller, hence the statement. She explains how it’s almost impossible for small handmade business owners to establish their own brand on that platform. That’s why she wants to help her fellow handcrafting entrepreneurs earn what they truly deserve. She’s willing to share with you her secret strategy that has been responsible for her humungous sales that amount to 1.1 million so far. And she achieved that, without even relying on Etsy. Moreover, she also states that you don’t need a big audience to make this possible, nor you don’t need to spam social media or spend amounts of money on paid ads.

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Mei can also help even if you’re just a newcomer to being a handcrafts seller. She can show you how to get thousands of free customers every single month. And once again, she claims that she hasn’t spent a single cent on paid ads to achieve those numbers. In fact, one of her tactics has earned her a total of $37,109 in sales, with just less than a week’s worth of work. You can leverage it yourself to turn strangers into customers who patronize your brand. She’ll teach you how to set up your own online store and automate it so it makes steady and consistent sales.

But why is she doing this? It’s simple. Mei just wants to give back to the community. A community that loves to do handcrafted items for business. “I want you to keep doing what you love and stop worrying about the things that will slow you down. I genuinely believe you have the potential to grow your handmade business. This [course] will be the missing piece to grow and sustain your business while you continue doing what you love.” Mei also claims that it has taken her 8 long years and lots of trial and error to figure out everything she knows here. But evidently, it was worth it. She was able to take a brand new business and scale it to 900,000 in revenue in under a year.

Mei’s A Sale A Day Business System online course contains a total of 12 modules. As what you can expect from an online course, it gives a step-by-step procedure on how to launch your handcrafted items store. Everything is covered, from creating a product that sells like wildfire, to packaging and branding your products, to setting up your shop, marketing, and most especially, scaling your business. There are two things about this course that caught my eye. The first is that the traffic generation methods being taught here place a huge emphasis on organic traffic, SEO, content marketing, and social media (instead of paid ads). The second one is that it also includes a module about photography and lighting tips to make your product look as good as possible. Something which is necessary when selling physical products. Which is honestly neat.

A Sale A Day Business System costs $997 or three payments of $397. It also claims to offer a refund of 2x the investment if you can show evidence you’ve done the work prescribed in the course and haven’t seen a change in your life or business. Though I don’t really trust these refund policies because they can make you jump through hoops all for nothing (i.e. no refund). To be fair, Mei Pak is an actress, and she’s got a reputation to keep. So I don’t think she’s a scam, and so is this course. But some former students do have a less than satisfactory experience with the community here, so I don’t think I can recommend taking this.

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