Melaleuca Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

There have been a lot of different multi-level marketing companies that have made their way to this website. Most of the time, the companies that I have reviewed have varied in how many products they offer. Some companies stick to a few products like Velovita while others have expanded into different offerings that you wouldn’t have necessarily thought they could have. The thing gets people really interested in MLMs is their income opportunity.

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The name of the company comes from a native plant in Australia called the melaleuca. You may actually now the by-product of this plant. If you’ve ever tried a product that would supposedly help clear out acne. You may notice in some of them that one of the ingredients is tea tree oil. That’s made from melaleuca. The company was founded by Frank VanderSloot in September 1985. There isn’t much of a story regarding its foundation on the company’s website.

Similar to BeautyCounter, Melaleuca prides itself in its philosophy of creating products made out of the best and safest ingredients. There’s been a lot of companies out there that have started to rethink what things go into the products. BeautyCounter, to its credit, actually made very helpful guides on what ingredients they do and don’t use and what exactly they’re used for. A lot of people nowadays are conscious of the things that are in their food and in the products that they use in their day-to-day lives. Sometimes it’s good to know that the ingredients being used wouldn’t harm us.

There’s a plethora of products in Melaleuca’s catalog. Products range from laundry detergent, skin care products, bath soaps, fragrances, meal replacement kits and even medicine. They definitely targeted the most common items people use on a regular basis. I definitely wasn’t expecting them to sell actual medicine. I was assuming it may have been just nutritional products. But it’s actually medicine. Like for headaches and stuff. There’s even antacid tablets. There’s just so much that I wasn’t expecting for them to have. But it’s good know that they do.

What’s different about Melaleuca compared to other multi-level marketing companies is that they don’t really put any information about their affiliate membership program upfront. When you go to their membership page, there isn’t really to it except for the membership perks you get. There’s no FAQs directly on the page, no mention how much it costs. Just a very sparse page. It knows that you may have found this website from searching about it online. Maybe because you read a review about it on an website that talks about MLMs? But you will need to know somebody who is already a member to invite you.

Through a bit of digging, you have to pay a $29 fee in order to become an affiliate member at Melaleuca. You will have submit paperwork in order to begin selling their products. Like a lot of multi-level marketing schemes, you have to purchase products that you will then sell to other people. Products have certain values to them that count towards a certain quota you have to fulfill in order to earn commissions. Nowadays, certain multi-level marketing companies will give you your own online storefront where your customers could buy Melaleuca’s products. Any purchases made through that storefront are immediately counted towards your quota. It saves you a bit from the hassle of driving to your customer’s place to give them the product.

Regardless of how great Melaleuca’s products may be, I don’t really recommend anyone to join any kind of multi-level marketing scheme. There is a chance for you to possibly earn money from these kinds of schemes. But I don’t think that all the effort you’re going to put in it is worth it. I have seen a few income disclosure statements from other multi-level marketing companies and the people at the bottom are at a disadvantage. Not everyone gets a fair chance to earn money from MLMs. Like, 47% of people who join MLMs lose money from it. 27% only earn back the money they put it. It’s very hard to work under other people’s terms. Especially if you have to reach a certain amount every month just to get a commission.

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