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Billionaire Creator Academy Review (Mercedes Kelly)

Mercedes Kelly

Mercedes Kelly claims how you don’t need everything to fall perfect in place to get started in real estate. No need for a lotta Gs nor a credit score in the 700s. “Sounds crazy right,” Mercedes admits, “but you should listen up.” I’ll say maybe not as she writes yet another tired narrative of starting strong, then losing it all with recession, and getting back up after. But she tells us that she ain’t one of ‘em “Wikipedia-driven” gurus, though.

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Here’s the complete story. Starts out with Mercedes claiming that she got into real estate in ‘05 after learning from a mentor. Right after her first flip deal, she touts herself as untouchable. All is well until the market crash in ‘08 that left her homeless. Also, forced her to take a corporate job just to make ends meet.

She admits making lots of mistakes after being too confident of her earlier success. These said mistakes are what she blames for her losing so much time and money. But then, she oddly tries to spin it into something positive by saying  that she made those mistakes “to teach others starting out how to avoid them.”

Now what? Does she want us to say that not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they cop bright red hair, pouty lips, and double d’s like she does? Uhm, thanks for taking one for the team, I guess? Sarcasm aside, I just find it hard to believe that particular bit. Comes off as fake given it’s straight outta guru script.

Anyway, here’s the bottomline of the story. It took her time to get back into real estate because she thought she needed a lotta Gs to start again. But as she mentioned earlier, it’s not really the case. And she’ll show you how she did it using other people’s money or OPM for short, and so much more.

The real estate biz she’s talking about in particular is wholesaling and flipping properties. And she’s claiming that in just two weeks, she can help you secure your first contract on it. All you have to do is attend her free Billionaire Creator Academy masterclass…

It’s a free masterclass, alright. However, right after signing up for it, you’ll be immediately recommended a $27 upsell even if the masterclass ain’t starting just yet. It’s by design since it’s supposed to be a companion kit to apparently retain more info on the said masterclass. Still, it’s like mofos who wants to go third base after a first date. Too soon!

Anyhow, here’s what to expect in the masterclass. First, you’ll learn how to search out for distressed sellers. For this, she’s going to show her top go-to places to easily land a seller who’s more than willing to part with their properties for quick cash.

Next, she’ll show you how to create a loan exit strategy. She’ll show you how to start deals as well as how to get the f*ck out of it. Finally, she’ll reveal how to get your properties back on the market, and how to flip it quickly for big dollah checks.

If you purchase the $27 upsell, you’ll also get two mini courses, a workbook to help you out on taking notes during the free masterclass, and her bestselling (or so she says) ebook on what mistakes to avoid in real estate.

Billionaire Creator Academy Review

But that’s not all, she also got three more offers that’s not necessarily about wholesaling and flipping properties. There’s the Billionaire Creator Academy’s Fast Track Investing that costs $4,999.99 if you want a “personalized customization” from Mercedes herself plus having assistants to do work for you. Hmm, she really has to charge that much for hiring  you VAs, huh.

Similarly, there’s Fast Track Airbnb that costs the same as Fast Track Investing (i.e. price is $4999.99 too). She describes it as an accelerated short leasing course, with short leasing just another term for Airbnb rental arbitrage. Last but not the least is the DFY Business Build at a pricey $9,999.99 for one-on-one coaching with Mercedes.

That being said, I’m not going to recommend any Billionaire Creator Academy offers from Mercedes. Not only is she lacking social proof outside her website, I’m also not a fan of using OPM (incurring debt) in this very shaky real estate market. It’s not looking good out there, and you don’t wanna bet the farm when you’re likely to lose. ‘Member, only take calculated risks, and not some stupid gamble.

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