Freedom Builder Bootcamp Review (Greg Mercer)

Greg Mercer

Greg Mercer, founder and CEO of Jungle Scout, has something new to offer besides the popular all-in-one platform named after his company. From creating a software that’s known for aiding product research on Amazon, he’s now lending his hand again to Amazon sellers, but, this time, it’s via digital training. The training? The title leads you well because it’s none other than the Freedom Builder Bootcamp. If you wanna know more about it, kindly scroll to my review down below.

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Not gonna lie, I initially thought that this Bootcamp is only one-hour training. Y’know, something that you’d get for free after coughing up your email on this particular squeeze page. There is free training, yes, but the juicy deets are locked behind the actual Freedom Builder Bootcamp which is a paid course. Who would’ve thought, there’s a link to it under the free video!

In my defense, I’ve found Greg and his involvement in the coaching space via his free Udemy courses. So, I assume he’s just out there providing free stuff that would eventually lead to a sale of his Jungle Scout software. I was wrong , but oh well. Take this review as my humble attempt to redeem myself. Okay? Okay.

So, what’s with Greg’s Freedom Builder Bootcamp, then? As expected, it’s an online course designed to help beginners get started with Amazon FBA. It boasts about thirty hours of video training divided into ten modules that I’ll be discussing right about now. Starting with module one which is the getting started module. Here, you’ll get an overview on how this whole FBA process works.

Next are modules two and three which are about product research and sourcing out suppliers, respectively. Self-explanatory label, yet how you’ll actually go around it is very critical to your success in the ‘zon. Moving on, we have module four for shipping and module five for listing creation. Yes, the package won’t prepare and ship it themselves to Amazon warehouses. Likewise, they won’t magically appear and get listed on your Amazon store as well.

Meanwhile, module six shows you how to launch your products with a bang. Let buyers know that you’re selling something and extend your reach. Then, push that reach further with Amazon PPC that is discussed in module seven. While you’re at it, how ‘bout gaining full control over your brand by following what’s in module eight. And finally, learn how to scale your biz and take advantage of advanced seller tips with module nine and ten.

Issa beginner course, indeed. And that’s not all, you’ll also get the following: Live coaching sessions every week, access to a community group, and one year of his Jungle Scout Pro subscription. All of that for what? What’s the price of Freedom Builder Bootcamp? Well, Freedom Builder Bootcamp costs a one time payment of $999.

The Bootcamp is definitely not cheap, but not too expensive either. If you’re keen on buying the Jungle Scout pro subscription, then buying this Bootcamp instead of that alone would be golden. Just look at the numbers. $999 for the Pro subscription alone or $999 for the same subscription plus the Freedom Builder Bootcamp. Bet you’ll choose the latter, right? Same price, but more goodies? Yes, please.

Freedom Builder Bootcamp Review

Personally, I would choose the Bootcamp IF I need to subscribe to Jungle Scout Pro. Like, I don’t see anything wrong in getting more for what you paid for. And yes, even if you’re an already experienced FBA seller that doesn’t really need the course. However, I don’t think I’ll ever need Jungle Scout Pro and in turn, won’t need the Freedom Builder Bootcamp.

The reason is quite simple. That is, I won’t be involving myself with Amazon FBA anytime soon and y’all better follow suit. Hefty capital investment for, what, mediocre chance of building a winning store with consistent and sustainable income. Just no. Like I always said, the “easy” days of Amazon FBA are definitely over.

You might argue, “C’mon J, what if I’m the next Greg, what you gon’ do?” Well, you likely won’t. Like, alright, Greg could be an eight-figure Amazon seller himself, but taking his course doesn’t mean you’ll be like him. Be serious, you got no means, no time machine and what-nots, to start an FBA biz on the same date as him. Don’t expect the same success when the FBA space today is a completely different beast. Too saturated, too competitive, and too costly. No thanks!

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