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Metamorphic Coaching Review

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Clark Kegley is a life coach who believes that anyone can be the best version of themselves if they’re willing to work on it. He believes that manifestations, meditations, journaling, affirmations, and other similar methods still won’t work no matter how much you do it, calling those things similar to voodoo or witchcraft. According to him, those things won’t work unless you make some real changes in your life. And that’s the basic premise behind his Metamorphic Coaching program.

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Clark compares the idea of changing your life to that of a thermostat. He states in an ad for his program, “Picture this. You’re in Arizona, it’s a hundred and ten degrees outside. That thermostat in your house kicks on and brings it down to sixty-eight degrees. Now you’re in Seattle, it’s freezing outside. That thermostat’s gonna kick on and raise the temperature to sixty-eight degrees.” Like your house, your life also has a thermostat of sorts that controls what you can and can’t do. The friends you have. The people you date. How much money do you make. How much money do you keep. Literally everything in your life. That so-called thermostat of yours controls your identity.

“What you need to do is completely rewire that thermostat that you have inside. Or completely rip it out and get a new one. We call this shifting your identity. Creating the 2.0 version of you. This is exactly what we walk you through how to do in our Metamorphic coaching program. We’ve worked with over three hundred people one-on-one from all over the world, with all different backgrounds,” Clark continues as he lays down the basic premise of his coaching program. We update our gadgets such as phones and computers to make them work better for our needs, right? The same can be said for our identity.

Clark also understands that changing your life is not only hard, but scary as well. That’s why most people aren’t even willing to take that leap. But that’s why he avoids using that term in the first place. Instead of him trying to “change” you, he claims that he’s trying to “shift” you. It may probably be just some wordplay to make his training program as fancy as possible, but he says that there’s a key difference with it. According to him, “shifting” sounds more manageable, more fun, and more playful. You start being the person you wanna become, which makes you feel like you’re on the right path, which allows you to do what needs to be done to get the outcome you’re after.

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Clark further explains, “Everything you want. I’m tellin’ ya, the only way to get it? Is to shift at the identity level. Not just the actions. Does that make sense? When you raise yourself up, the things you attract in life get raised up as well. But what does this process actually look like? First, we get crystal clear on the 2.0 you. Then we remove your blocks and baggage. Then we dive into rewiring your subconscious mind so you’re ready to break the cycle of being yourself. And then the last phase is wiring in that identity and making it your new normal.”

The Metamorphic coaching program is applicable to just about anyone who seeks to improve themselves, says Clark. In fact, he has worked with several kinds of people in the past through this program, and continues to do so now. Examples are entrepreneurs who’re stuck and can’t get past a certain income level, folks who felt burnt out, who lost that fire they once had, seekers who’ve studied other self-development lessons but need help connecting the dots, and heartthrobs who desperately wanna attract the right partner. If you belong to any of these people, chances are, this program can help you as well.

The Metamorphic coaching program accepts new students by application only. Clark’s requirements for you to join the program are that you have to be fun, cool, and easy to work with, willing to work for that shift in life that you seek, and most of all, ready to start now. They won’t state how much it costs to join the program unless you book an evaluation call with them, but we’re willing to bet that it’s not cheap at all. Clark Kegley seems like a great and legitimate guru, though. It might be worthwhile to try his program if you’re willing to work for your self-development. Just make sure that you’re disciplined enough to follow through with this until the very end. This applies to any self-development programs out there, not just this one.

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