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There is always something exciting about learning more about a person. Whether it be a famed graphic designer, an athlete or even a content creator. There is something to be gained from the experiences that they have in their lifetime. Whether we use that information to influence our lives depends highly on us. Even though I do not know most of the people that I write about, I still enjoy the process of researching and writing about them.

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The type of personality that I have written a lot about are actors. I don’t think I will ever run out of actors to write about. Most of the ones that I have written are actors who became famous for their work from decades ago. For the most part, I haven’t seen any of their work prior to writing about them. But the ones that I could manage to find clips of have been decent. It definitely feels dated just from a production standpoint. Though I could see exactly why these actors have had very steady careers.

Even though there are a lot of actors still finding work in the industry, not everybody has the kind of fame that actors have. And some actors are probably fine with that. As long as they can get work in the industry, they’re probably find not being the lead. It’s definitely hard to make it in the industry because there’s always new people who to take a crack at it. Despite the many projects that are happening at a given time, there is also the struggle of getting the part.

One of the challenges that come with writing about different personalities is the availability of information about their lives growing up. Not every actor I write about has a biography that talks about their childhood. The reason why I often look for that kind of information is to see if there was a specific moment in their life that lead them to pursue their career. For athletes, the throughline is that they played for their school’s sports teams when they were in middle school or high school. For musicians, it often has to do with them growing up in a household where their parents listened to music.

For actors, there’s a chance that they grew up doing plays with their toys. Or that they got roped in into a production at their school. For Michael D. Roberts, it was when he got cast in a production at their church that lead him to become an actor. He joined the drama program at his high school. That lead him to study at the Los Angeles City School of Performing Arts. If you’re going to study acting, it makes so much sense to do it in either New York or Los Angeles. He spent most of his college years studying in two other performing arts schools in California.

His professional career started in 1971 when he made an appearance in “The Flip Wilson Show.” Soon after he got steady work in television. In 1975, he got a recurring role in the series “Baretta” where he played a character named Rooster. There’s just so many shows that he has done roles in for the next few years. Some small roles, but every so often he gets the chance to do recurring roles. It’s interesting to note that there have been a few instances where he had roles in the same television series twice but they’re two different characters.

There isn’t really much else that’s notable in his career. Sometimes actors just get to do steady work throughout their careers. Some of the shows that he has appeared in are very familiar. Though I do not remember any of the roles that he did in those shows. Somewhere along the line, Michael married fellow actor Pamela Frey. They apparently met during an acting class. I guess it makes sense that you’d meet the person you’ll marry in the industry that you work in. They have two children together. It doesn’t seem that he has had any new roles at the time that I am writing this. His last few roles were in 2018, specifically in the film “A Star Is Born” starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. And the TV adaptation of “Heathers.” At that point, Michael D. Roberts had earned a net worth of $1,560,000.

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