Coach Micheal Burt Review

Coach Micheal Burt

For all the Michaels out there who kept getting the As and Es in their name jumbled, I feel your pain. But not Coach Micheal Burt, for obvious reasons. His parents were wrong BTW, but that’s beside the point. At least, they seem to raise Micheal right. He’s a winning basketball coach from Tennessee, then transition to becoming a self-development coach and building a seven-figure business and performance coaching biz. As a parent, what more could you ask for?

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No questions asked, especially from his hardworking mama, who had him when she was only sixteen. He always follows her advice, “We don’t whine, we don’t complain, and we don’t make excuses.” No excuses from mama Burt at all, who juggled two jobs to nurture Micheal on her own.

Micheal prolly has some, though. Like, for one, why the hell did they pass a bloody gene that made him a baldy? Dude’s looking like the Dollar Tree version of Mr. Clean. Oh, and also, why Micheal?!

He’s old now, so it’s whateva. I mean, why make a fuss over hair [the lack of it rather] when you’ve got lotta wisdom to share, right? Bald is the new bold, embrace it! Glad he prolly did, sh*t didn’t stop him from posting bajillions of selfie on his Insta, anyways.

I get it. He claims to be recognized as the “America’s Coach” just like how the Dallas Cowboys are the “America’s Team”. He must be feeling confident after getting that nickname. Y’know, just like the said football team that molly-whopped the Texans this week… Not happening next week, though. Go Niners!

As a self-development coach, Micheal wants to show his clients how they can flip the switch. How to go from disengaged to “stupidly locked-in” [yes, I’m quoting Jimmy G. Buckets since I saw him today in his Yassified phase], from not living to their potential to leading a purposeful life, from living paycheck-to-paycheck to monetizing their god-given talent, and so on.

It’s all about activating the prey drive inside you. He’s not talking about becoming that typa predator that deserves to rot behind bars. No, not that! Rather, it’s having the dawg in you, but serious. Like, “having the instinctive inclination of a carnivore to find, pursue, and capture prey” serious.

In humans, it translates to pursuing a goal with persistence and intensity. Because, most of the time, accomplishing the goal isn’t the most satisfying part of the process. It’s in the pursuit. “The pursuit is what motivates and excites them [those who operates at the highest level] just like the dog when it knows it gets to go and hunt,” he explains.

It’s the very concept that made him push through his struggles during the pandemic. The latter is his biggest enemy around 2020 as it halted his coaching biz that’s apparently in the top 0.0001 percent of money generators.

From hundreds of events that put him in front of thousands to no events at all. As in zero. He mentions how he and his team “went into a deep depression” because of this.

While his feelings are valid, I feel like the way he narrates his sadness is quite insensitive to those who lost their loved ones during the pandemic period, and to those who are left disabled after catching the C, if not dead.

Like, Micheal, people are dropping like flies because of the virus. Yet you’re out here expressing y’all so-called depression by not-so-subtly bragging how you and your team miss flying on private jets, staying in luxurious hotels, and meeting cool people. Just zip it.

Fortunately for him, the restrictions were already lifted, and he was able to host an on-site coaching bootcamp recently in Christiana, Tennessee. This two-day event is called Flip The Switch Bootcamp With Coach Burt.

Besides understanding how to activate and re-activate your prey drive daily, the event’s page also mentions that you’ll learn the following: The dynamics needed to play at a higher frequency, the mindset of top performers, the strategies taught by Micheal to his “$100 million producers”, and the way to flip the switch.

Coach Micheal Burt Review

That’s too many words to say pretty much nothing of substance. Like, coach, what even is the game plan? Tell us about the Xs and Os, no? Just winging it or what? That’s not very reassuring, just like someone’s description of him being a “non-insane version of Grant C.”

Regardless, this offer of Micheal costs $997 if you join him on-site, $597 for the virtual counterpart. Meanwhile, the price of his private coaching starts from $15k for a half-day intensive up to a whopping $40k for a two-day deep dive.

Too pricey for a mindset training, IMHO. If you really want to pick his brain, just read his books instead. That’s a more reasonable purchase at twenty bucks a piece, and also more convenient than sifting through his spam emails for useful info. Save your Gs, save yourself from the hassle of unsubscribing from his mailing list.

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