Michelle Rankin Review (Workshop Replay)

Michelle Rankin

Michelle Rankin, the owner of MichelleFamily dot com, is nowhere to be found on Facebook. That’s what I thought, initially. Color me surprised when I discovered that she’s actually out there with just a different alias. Instead of Michelle, she goes by Micki. Interestingly enough, her account name also includes a tagline “she believed she could, so she did.” Somehow, it gives a hint of what’s her business opportunity without me watching the workshop replay on her site yet. My review about her is down below.

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Maybe I’m just being judgmental, but this “live laugh love” energy I sense from her makes me think that she’s offering some MLM sh*t. But, then again, the pinned video on her Facebook suggests otherwise. It’s her telling that she’s not good at network marketing, another term for MLM, and that her business opportunity, unlike the usual MLM, doesn’t involve bugging friends and family. Hmmm….

“The beautiful thing is I can take this business wherever I go,” says her in the pinned video, “and it’s always running in the background once you get it all set up.” She then continues, “it’s good, it’s great, it’s hard work – not hard hard work or stressful work – but you have to work just like in any other business.”  To conclude the video, she ends up exclaiming “I’m not going anywhere because this is something I will pass down to my children and it’s just amazing.”

So, what’s her business opportunity, then? Quite frankly, I really don’t know yet and I’m just as confused as you are. Watching the pinned video didn’t do me any favors at all as she didn’t reveal anything substantial there, only fluff and puff. No other way to confirm her biz other than coughing up my email to watch the workshop replay I mentioned earlier. Ugh.

First of all, it’s not even Michelle that’s hosting the replay. Heck, she’s not present at all. I expected her to be there because she has her inappropriately large portrait photo posted on a page before you can access the replay. Second, why the heck is the host on the verge of crying while seemingly holding her laugh at the same time? All under three minutes into the replay! Came out as cringey and fake especially on the part where she accidentally drop the script (sound of bunch-a papers falling captured by the mic perfectly while she’s visibly losing her composure, f*cking LOL).

I’m not a smooth speaker myself, but goddamn, I think I could do a much better job than Michelle’s choice of host. I’m only supposed to watch the thang to know her business opportunity, yet here I am giving side comments because it’s so bad. What second hand embarrassment does to a bad b*tch.

Michelle Rankin Review

The mess doesn’t stop when the awkward af host passes it over to a gal with some weird ass receding hairline named Shelly. This time, it’s her audio echoing for like ten minutes straight. My god, I’m so close to just packing it up and not recommend Michelle’s biz without knowing it at all… just because of this sh*tty workshop replay I had to painfully endure. I mean, I’m fairly certain that the biz will not turn out well given she has let this abomination of a workshop replay get posted – out for the world to see. 

Anyhow, my hunch earlier is somehow right. The business opportunity of Michelle is a hybrid of MLM and affiliate marketing. You’ll sell online a physical product vouched by Michelle, create your own sales funnel next, and then, get high quality leads by using Facebook ads. TBH, this is really close to being a textbook MLM, but Michelle is not disclosing any compensation plan. Not yet, I bet.

Instead, she framed her program as a proven plug-and-play system to sell a winning product of her choice using a winning funnel, and with traffic coming from Facebook ads. For paying Michelle a one time fee of $149, you’ll get the following: video training, weekly coaching, access to a support group, and access to Michelle’s lucrative product mix. Not feeling this one – the business model is sketchy, the presentation is unbelievably bad, and there’s not much social proof outside Michelle’s site. Hard pass!

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