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Often times, there are people in a film or television series who will have a huge impact on the audience. Sometimes it’s by design, while others are just happenstance. You never really know what the audience is going to feel until they’ve watched the film or television series. You just kind of hope that the audience enjoys the work that you and the rest of production crew created. Having a fan-favorite character just comes with the territory of it. In the age of social media, it’s easy to let the people who made a certain piece of media exactly how you feel about, positive or otherwise.

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I do think that social media has helped people to talk about stuff that they like. Even though everybody seems so combatant about other people’s opinions for some reason, there are still times when people reminisce about a certain film or television series that they watched growing up. Nostalgia often clouds our judgment regarding the media that we saw when we were kids. But when other people validate our opinions on certain things, it has gives off a nice feeling that you’re alone in this.

If you have been on this website before, you’ll probably remember that I’m not really all that great at knowing about every single piece of media that was released in the past half-century. So much media is being made, either in the United States or other parts of the world and not all of them are accessible through pirated means or on legitimate streaming services. Somehow, despite the availability of media from decades ago, not every single one is available to watch. But that’s just how it is, I guess. You’d be lucky to see companies still putting out physical copies of the stuff that they make that isn’t for streaming.

Because I haven’t really watched a lot of older stuff, I am obviously not familiar with until I write about a certain person who played a pivotal role in a film or television series whether on-screen or off-. Sometimes, it’s a person who helps greenlight those projects or the one who creates them. But more often than not, it’s the people who the camera captures in every single. Obviously, the people in front of the camera are the ones that people recognize more when they see them on the street. It’s not like there’s been a time where somebody has said, “Hey, were you the person who created [insert title of a movie or television series]?”

One film that I haven’t seen before was the 1999 documentary “American Movie.” I really enjoy watching anything that talks about the process of creating a certain project. There’s something about seeing people showing the process of how a project gets made that interests me. Seeing how any individual manages a project is often not really seen by people who only see the sausage once it’s made. So it feels like this documentary is right up my alley. The premise of the documentary is set during entire production process of Mark Borchardt’s short film “Coven” in Wisconsin. Starting any kind of project, regardless of scale, is a difficult thing to pull off.

The main thing you have to worry in any production about is funding the project. That’s why a lot of writers pitch their idea to producers. Maybe the idea is good enough for the producers to greenlight it and fund the project. It’s hard to make anything without money. That’s just how it works. Thankfully for Mark, he knows a lot of people willing to fund his project, mainly his friends and family. One of the people featured in the documentary is guitarist Mike Schank. In the film, he is presented as Mark’s childhood friend. I don’t really know if that’s true or not but it seems that they made their friendship believable in the documentary.

There isn’t really much to be known about Mike Schank outside of what he has said in the documentary. Aside from showing up in “American Movie,” he also provided the soundtrack for it. Mike has been playing guitar ever since he was a kid. Ever since the documentary was show in film festivals, everybody thought that Mike was the scene-stealer of it. Because of the documentary doing well in the festival circuit, he and Mark managed to make cameos in a bunch of different projects. After that, he hasn’t really been in any other acting projects, but he has self-released some of his music. At that point, Mike had a net worth of $1,000,000.

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