Mikkel Eriksen Net Worth

Producers and songwriters are an essential part to any song. Sometimes the artist is also the producer and the songwriter. But often times, artists tend to collaborate with a variety of different producers and songwriters for their songs. There are times when an artist, producers and songwriters collaborate more than once. When you get used to being with the same people inside a recording studio, chances are they are in the zone when it comes to recording or that they just enjoy creating songs with them.

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I wasn’t really aware of Mikkel Eriksen prior to writing about him. To be fair, I don’t really go through the production credits that much whenever I listen to a song. But looking through the songs that the he has help produce, I realize that I have listened to a handful of the songs that he was involved with. Sometimes, stuff like this will surprise you. I appreciate the work that they did with the artists that I have listened to. But I don’t often acknowledge their artistry all that much.

I couldn’t really find anything about Mikkel Eriksen before he started writing and producing music. He was born on December 10, 1972 possibly in Norway. That’s pretty much the extent of it. I don’t think producers like Mikkel get asked a lot about their personal lives. It’s often just about the music that they produced. And I get that. A lot of publications are a lot more interested in the workings of a production rather than their personal lives.

Most of his production work has been under Stargate, a songwriting team that he co-founded with Tor Erik Hermansen and Hallgeir Rustan. Mikkel and Erik sort of had closer ties to the music industry than Hallgeir. Tor was a talent scout for the Norway unit of Warner Music Group while Mikkel had a recording studio. Hallgeir on the other hand was a mechanical engineer. Before they went on two produce music for artists and bands in America and the U.K., they mostly kept it local for their first few years as a team. It was through the song they produced for Noora Noor, “Need You,” that got the attention of the music industry in the U.K.

Their first hit in the U.K. was S Club 7’s “S Club Party” which made it to the top two spots in Australia and New Zealand. Due to their success outside of Norway, they had to choose whether to remain in Norway and go to somewhere like the U.S. to pursue their goals, Tor and Mikkel decided to move to the U.S. while Hallgeir decided to remain in Norway mainly because he didn’t want to be away from his family. Stargate was pretty much just Tor and Mikkel after that.

In 2001, they co-wrote and produced songs for Mikaila’s self titled debut album. One of the songs from that album, “So In Love With Two” managed to reach no. 25 on the Billboard Hot 100. That was one of their earliest songs that managed that showed up in the charts in the U.S. It took them three years before another song of theirs made it to the same chart.

In 2005, they moved to New York. Getting work in the industry takes a bit of time. It wasn’t until they met Ne-Yo in a hallway in the offices of Sony Music that they began to collaborate together. It was through that meetup of theirs that lead to them writing “So Sick” which topped the Hot 100 charts. That basically changed everything for Stargate. Ne-Yo is one of Stargate’s frequent collaborators. After “So Sick,” they also produced “Miss Independent” and “Go On Girl.”

Their work after that has been pretty for Stargate. In the years that they have been producing music together, Mikkel has managed to reach a net worth of about $6,000,000. Some of the songs that Stargate has written include Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In The World),” “Diamonds” and “Don’t Stop The Music,” Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable,” Katy Perry’s “Firework” and Sam Smith’s “Dancing With a Stranger.” They have written a lot of pop and R&B songs. It’s amazing how much of their work has been part of pop culture.

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