Mikkelsen Twins Review

Mikkelsen Twins

Mikkelsen Twins claims that their method is an easy way to generate at least $5,000 of passive income monthly from scratch. What’s more is that they promise to predictably grow your income to $10,000 a month or beyond if you want. If you’re a frequent here at Suugly, I know that, like me, you can smell the BS from a mile away. They’re the incarnate of “prepare for trouble and make it double” with how they’re actively trying to scam everyone involved in their methods and program, from the ghostwriters to the voice actors to the gullible people who would pay them thousands of dollars to figure out this passive income thing. Even their methods are allegedly plagiarized from someone else’s course. Scroll below for the juicy deets.

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Yes, they are actual twins named Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen. They also originally named their company as Mikkelsen Twins but was changed later to Publishing Life. The gist of their method is for you to sell audiobooks on Amazon FBA. But it’s not just outsourcing already made books and marking them up for a profit ala book arbitrage from Luke Sample’s Higher Path Ventures. You’re actually selling a new audiobook lifted from a newly written content without involving yourself in the process except in paying for whoever you outsource part.

To start, you’ll be hiring a ghostwriter to write the book as the source material of the audiobook. The topic would be from the “high-profit, easy to recreate” categories suggested by Mikkelsen Twins themselves. Then, you’ll hire voice actors to narrate and turn your written book into an audiobook. To complete the last piece of the puzzle, you’re encouraged to hire someone from Fiverr to make an eye-catching cover of the audiobook. And voila, you’re ready to sell your “own” audiobook. Just follow the Mikkelsen Twins on how to target certain keywords and optimize your advertising campaign, of course. Rinse and repeat, and you’ll earn thousands of dollars monthly while spending only half a grand. Well, that’s what the Mikkelsen Twins said.

As expected of Mikkelsen Twins, there are lies, understatement and exaggeration alike, in the program. I call them out early as scamming everyone for a reason. One is the cost of making the audiobook which is a complete understatement. You could very much exploit the cheap labor by hiring someone from countries such as India and Philippines and give the lowest possible wage for everyone involved, but the amount needed to reach the part where you have an audiobook ready to be sold is not close to half a grand. It’s more like a thousand dollars and that doesn’t include the cost for ads.

Mikkelsen Twins Review

Next is the income from the program which is, as expected, an exaggeration. It is not completely passive as you need to manage the ghostwriters and voice actors yourself if you’re determined to make this a long-term biz and not a one-time publish thing. I don’t think that it’s that easy to sell audiobooks especially with the “quality over quantity” principle. You’ll be lucky to earn $10 a month for selling crappy products.

Another lie is them using the idea you’ve sent after every module to gauge your progress in the program. They don’t give a damn once you pay them $1,997 and more from additional upsells, quite frankly. Instead, they’ll use your ideas to write an audiobook of their “own.”

Aside from stealing ideas from their students, do you remember what I said about them plagiarizing their course too? Apparently, they’re a student of Big Luca ‘s self-publishing group where they took all the ideas from. And bam, slap a different course title on it and they now claim it as their own. Even their success of “following” their course is not entirely true, they just abused tf out of a promo code loophole. Such abuse led them to be banned on ACX and Amazon as well.

Finally, I think you could’ve sense how everything here is unethical. The Mikkelsen Twins is not lying, for the first time, about not doing any hard work here at all. Well, it’s actually them not doing any sh*t on their own. If I were you, I would rather skip the business model altogether and choose something that is proven to give a decent income while being ethical.  Seriously, even their recommendation of using Amazon FBA is something I’m not inclined to recommend.

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