Million Dollar Year Review (Laurie King, Britt Baker)

Laurie King, Britt Baker

Million Dollar Year is a program offered by Dow Janes company to spearhead empowerment of women through financial literacy and smart investments. Laurie King and Britt Baker, creator of the program, believe that every woman deserves financial freedom through a course that understands their struggles in a patriarchal society. “I have so much more confidence to know I can budget effectively and make it work,” a satisfied student said about the program. Is it worth checking out? Read this Million Dollar Review to learn more.

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Million Dollar Year is a transformational step-by-step program offered by Dow Janes company that promises to give you the skills and tools to improve your finance, get invested, and start building wealth. It is specifically created for women and promises them that  they can take control of their finances and create the life they want through this program. Specifically, the program offers a three-phase action based training, financial coaching, access to a community with likeminded people, and mindset training.

For the training, the first phase titled Build a New Financial Foundation tackles topics that will enable you to transform your financial habits and financial literacy skills for the better. Resources such as Money Ritual Workbook, Weekly Money Ritual Checklist, Uncovering Your Money Past Workbook, Personal Cash Flow Tracker, and Financial Snapshot Worksheet are included in this phase. 

The second phase  named Money Management Systems, on the other hand, is all about building your short and long-term financial goals, getting acquainted with new automated savings systems offered by the program, and implementing a simple goal-based monthly budget that keeps you on track to reach your goals. In this phase you will receive training materials such as Expense Audit Cheat Sheet, Spend Less Than You Make Formula, Pay Off High-Interest Debt Plan, Save to Invest Method, Pay Yourself First system, Budgeting and Savings Finder Spreadsheet, Living in Alignment with Your Values Workbook. 

Lastly, the third phase named Your Future and Building Wealth talks about creating a financial plan to build your emergency fund, investment fund, and possible retirement in the future; improving your credit score; and developing your investor’s mindset. The materials included are the following: Save an Emergency Fund Action Plan, Understanding Debt and Credit, Healthy Credit Score Checklist, Plan for Retirement Workbook, Create Your Investment Plan, and Create Your Philanthropic plan.

Million Dollar Year Review

All of the services and materials including bonuses such as The $1,000 Month video course and Quit Impulse Spending Workshop costs $499 for a 12 monthly payment or $4,999 for one time payment which is expensive. Sure, it is really comprehensive in terms of improving your  financial literacy and building a systematic approach to budgeting but the templates that primarily make it all possible usually have a similar free of charge counterpart. You just have to look one-by-one but the hassle of manually searching the free resources is much less than paying a huge sum of  money. Same can be said for the training videos and a community with like-minded people, you just need to search the web to find a free one.

To add, the course does not really offer a firm business model. They talked about long-term investments (not even stocks trading) on which you usually need a huge sum of money for capital. You are supposed to get the capital from your current job but what if that job does not pay well at all? You are stuck with the knowledge that you need to invest early but you just cannot invest with your current “barely able to make ends meet” situation. There is nothing a money saving strategy, even the best ones, can do when your salary is so low while the cost of rent and utilities are ridiculously high. This necessitates an actual side-hustle or business that can add money to your finance pool.

Thus, the cost of this program along with their bad refund policy wherein you need to do all the coursework first before you qualify for it makes it not worth it. To be fair, the contents of the program are really well-curated and the coaches are reputable and very realistic to their promises (contrary to the program’s name, this is actually marketed as get rich slowly). However,  the price is just so steep that I will recommend other affordable courses that actually teach a business model.

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