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Craig Ballantyne is a well-known business, fitness, and life coach, and a successful entrepreneur. He claims that he has helped more than 260 entrepreneurs earn their first seven figures in earnings, build five seven-figure businesses in five different industries, and has been a mentor to several other entrepreneurs around. He’s known for being an author of some books about self-development, but his Millionaire Morning Routine program is one of his well-known programs. As the name suggests, the Millionaire Morning Routine will teach you the habits that a millionaire uses on their path to success. Read this Millionaire Morning Routine review for you to learn more.

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As the program name says, the Millionaire Morning Routine is a collection of habits that most millionaires claim that they do early in the morning. It might seem a bit suspicious that someone would still make an online course out of this, but we can get into that later. Anyways, Craig claims that 15 minutes everyday is all you need in order for you to develop your road towards becoming a millionaire. And to give you a guide, here are some steps that you may want to take everyday.

Step one is to follow a certain plan. Preferably, you should list down the things that you want to accomplish on a daily basis the night before, before you move on to other things. It’s also important that you set a time duration on how long should you finish the task on hand.

Step two is to have a schedule of waking up, and doing your best to follow it. Say, if you need to wake up at around 5:00 A.M. to start your day, you should wake up at 5:00 A.M. Not 6:00 A.M., not 7:00 A.M., and certainly not 12 noon. It might seem hard at first because your bed can be so inviting for sleep, but you have to stick to your schedule and wake up at that time, so you can accomplish your day as early as possible.

Step three is to gradually adjust to an earlier wake-up time. Try to adjust by minutes every day, not by immediately by a full hour. For example, if you’re waking at 7:00 A.M. and you want to wake up by 6:00 A.M. next time, don’t immediately wake up at 6 the very next day. Trust me on this. You will feel groggy the whole day if you try. Instead, try to wake up at around 6:55 A.M., and gradually dial it back by 5 minutes until you can now wake up at 6.

Step four is to drink water. Lots of it. If you can drink about a liter of water upon waking up, then do so. Sleeping uses up plenty of water in your body, and rehydrating those fluids is important for overall health and for clear thinking.

Step five is to immediately get to your work after you’re done tending for yourself. Basically, don’t slack off after you’ve eaten your hearty breakfast and have fixed up yourself. Don’t even check your social media or any unnecessary browsing of your phone or laptop. Simply put, just get to work.

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Step six is to eliminate any distractions to your work. If your work involves your computer and only your computer, remove any stuff that’s not related to your work. These include your phone, keeping your T.V. off (the radio can stay on, as long as the music doesn’t distract you), remove any food from your workplace, anything that can move your attention away from your work. Limit your browser tabs and your applications to the ones needed for your work. If possible, block them as well. And don’t even browse the news.

Step seven is about how you drink your coffee. Instead of chugging down one cup (or even one tumbler) of coffee all at once, try taking it in small sips. A study done by the U.S. Army proved this was superior to ingesting a large amount of caffeine all at once. Taking sips of coffee instead of gulping it all down on one go can prove to increase your productivity.

Step eight is to allow yourself to be rewarded once you’re complete with one of your tasks for the day. Even if it’s just a small reward. For example, after one task, you can get to rest or do other things like browsing your social media, chatting with your friends, walking your dog, etc. This will increase your working drive.

Step nine is to choose what you eat. If intermittent fasting feels right, go for it. If not, don’t. This can admittedly be a difficult step as not everyone is aware which of the food they eat can destroy their concentration, but the Millionaire Morning Routine program can help you out on this aspect.

The final step is to absolutely focus, and use your morning to do something that helps you make money. Forget about hitting the gym to work out for now. You can always do it later.

Craig Ballantyne sells his Millionaire Morning Routine program for $49. What you’ll get here is a 21-day challenge, a free digital copy of his book, The Perfect Day Formula, a 90-day Reality Maker Blueprint, worksheets, guides, and more. While seemingly cheap, expect that there will be upsells once you get inside. Overall, the program is good, and maybe a mentor can be useful to develop your mindset. But only join a course like this if you really needed the help. After all, it’s still possible to develop a millionaire habit and mindset on your own.

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