Millyuns Review (Cory Johnson)

Blogging has been a mainstream in the industry. Well, technically I’m one of them, no sh*t, just writing whatever I have in mind within a particular topic. But we’re not here to talk about me, we’re here to talk about Millyuns (How I Make Millions Blogging). This guy’s a mystery, and a proud one at that, but we can’t deny that he really did make millions out of blogging. How did he do that? Let’s all find out.

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The guy behind Millyuns, Cory Johnson, is an average guy without any experiences whatsoever. He said that he started off with a hundred and twenty grand in debt just to start this venture he’s trying to get into, no joke. All of his tools, softwares and other things needed to start his career with blogging were all paid in credit. Relatives telling him to stop, he’s just wasting his time, and just work overtime if he wants to earn more money. 

He also said that he naturally hated writing, but that’s because it’s based on school, graded with the grammar and the essence within the subject, but blogging is different. You can say whatever you want, without people judging nor grading your grammar. What will happen is whether they will agree or disagree with you, because blogging is like giving an opinion with stated facts to a subject matter, nothing more nothing less. 

The most satisfying part is that some readers may find additional knowledge which they still don’t know of with what you just wrote because some bloggers (take me as an example) do research before writing. Having substantial and meaningful ideas in a particular subject matter is what readers find fascinating when reading and might want to stick with it until the end. That’s how your website creates traffic on the internet which in turn lets you earn money.  

What you can see in his website is a compilation of his contents, more on inspirational quotes from famous people, or known millionaires and businessmen. That’s his idea on how to entice people into reading his blogs, using names of popular/influential people so that readers may find it entertaining and credible. He also has some content sharing and even boasting his personal experiences and how he became successful in blogging.

It’s all in the creativity and imagination of a writer like this one. He just copy pasted and compiled all of the quotes of famous people he considered to be influential in a sense that why would you not believe the things these people were telling you if they became successful doing it? Well, we all know that each person is uniquely made, just wanted to make a fair point.

But how can you really earn through blogging? First is that you need to find a niche – something that you really like doing for an example then keep writing things about it. People find it interesting if they can connect to the stories you write and that will keep them reading your contents. They will keep coming back for more. It will be counted as a view in a search engine, and every view has a corresponding amount.

One more thing that helps you earn with blogging is through affiliated links. He already said it himself, just clicking a button in his page earns him money and he also has affiliate links with all the softwares that he uses in blogging. If you click on that link, that will be registered as a referral from him and he will earn passive incomes through that, sounds easy right? Blogging and affiliate marketing it is.

May it be blogging, youtuber, content creator, podcaster or an influencer, you do you. As long as you love what you’re doing, improve your craft and it will eventually lead to success one day. It may take you months or even years. There’s no stopping one’s dream as long as he keeps striving for improvement because quitting leads to nothing. No one can tell you what you should be doing, because doing what you do not love will only hold you back. Yes, you’re earning but there is still a feeling of something’s lacking.

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