10x Fitness Review (Mindvalley)

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Vishen Lakhiani is a known Malaysian entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker, who is of Indian descent. While he has authored many books like The Code of the Extraordinary Mind and The Buddha and the Badass, he is more widely known as the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, a company that publishes various products and programs to promote physical, mental, and especially spiritual self-growth and self-development. one of their known products is 10x Fitness, a workout program that promises to deliver excellent results faster than any other exercise program. But how legitimate can this program be? Let’s take a look at this 10x Fitness review to find the answer to that.

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Everyone, of course, is very familiar with the saying, “Health is Wealth”. In fact, plenty of Americans right now are trying to live as healthy as they can. Studies have shown that 43% always look for healthier options in their food, whenever you can. And a growing number of people are now doing their best to incorporate exercise into their daily lives. This is a must as the increasing number of fatal diseases are affecting plenty of Americans today. Studies have shown that around 23.4% of Americans, regardless of ethnicity, suffer from deaths caused by heart disease. And 11.3 of those people are suffering from obesity.

It gets even more important due to the COVID-19 pandemic today, as it’s known that a healthy body makes us even more resistant, perhaps even immune, to the effects of the disease. Yet some people, like Vishen himself once admitted, that none of the methods out there seem to work for them. Working for two hours, different kinds of diet, yet they’re still not giving him the results he needed.

As he was almost giving up on finding a solution to his “dad bod“, he then met Lorenzo Delano, a known fitness expert. and Mindvalley’s chief of transformation (probably a senior officer). Lorenzo impressed Vishen with his remarkable physique, but what impressed him further is the claim that Lorenzo only did it by working out 30 minutes a week. A far lesser time than usual workouts. Curious, Vishen tried out the workout regimen of Lorenzo, and just like that, he lost nearly two percent of his body fat in one month.

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Vishen was so impressed with the result, he then brought another personnel, Ronan Oliveira, and then formed what would eventually become the 10x Fitness program, after plenty of beta-testing and fine-tuning some workouts. As the name states, 10x Fitness is a workout program that is designed in such a way that anyone will be able to achieve 10x better results than their normal exercise program. This is achieved through a combination of “hyper-optimized workouts” that gives more than optimal results, as well as a proper diet, and even sleeping, regimen that helps people lose weight, or get strong and fit, faster. How it works, according to them, is based on thorough and extensive research on our lineage as human beings. Mindvalley looked at how our ancestors handled intense environments and activities when they were fleeing dangerous predators. Apparently, it’s by tapping into that same built-in evolutionary response in the body that allows this program to uplevel your fitness tenfold. The end result is a workout routine that is quite a bit more intensive than normal, yet even more effective.

It consists of 83 online video lessons, which altogether has a total runtime of around 18 hours. In addition, you’ll also get various downloadable resources, like PDF files for weekly workbooks and a home and gym equipment guide, tracking sheets, and other extras.

The program’s target demographic is obviously the busier people, including the founder. As they usually won’t have time for an intensive more-than-an-hour-long workout, 10 Fitness is a good choice for them to keep themselves fit, while not eating much of their time. The physical benefits of this program are also all-encompassing, as it includes building lean muscle mass, fat-burning, cardiovascular fitness, and anti-aging benefits, all in one. The cost for joining the 10x Fitness program is around $399, but alternatively, you can just acquire a Mindvalley Membership for $499, and get access to not only this program, but also all of the other self-development programs that Mindvalley offers. Personally, I’m a bit skeptical about the effectiveness of this program. But if some exercise machines that you see on infomercials claim that they can give you a complete total body workout in just a few minutes per day, then this may also work for you as well. Just make sure that you follow the work and diet program strictly…

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