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Mini Ads Agency Review (Travis Peters)

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Travis Peters (also known as Travis Lee), says that being a better money budgeter is not the answer to wealth. The thing is, you can’t “budget” your way to it. As a financial guru, Travis will not teach you to stop going to Starbucks and buying lattes. Instead, he’s going to teach something that can make you go to Starbucks whenever you want, and be the type of person who has the ability to stand up and say something like “The next round is on me!” Through his Mini Ads Agency model, Travis hopes that you can land clients that can pay $1,000 per month. Furthermore, he claims that it’s simple to learn, has very little overhead, is recession-proof, and it scales quickly.

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Travis Peters is the founder of The Increase Method, an online coaching program that teaches a 3-part framework for increasing your mind, money, and mission. The concepts presented in the program are deeply rooted in the Christian faith, so it may sound like you’re in a church service when you’re watching the program (which isn’t a bad thing). Travis says, “I’ve taught this tested and proven framework to thousands of Christians literally all across the world, and the results have been astounding. People are experiencing financial increase and breakthrough like never before. They’re paying off debt, buying cars and houses.”

Travis also offers another program that’s part of his Increase Method: The Replace-Your-Paycheck Challenge. He states that the challenge will provide you with an Increase Avenue, or in other words, an additional income stream in which the money flows unto you. He also claims that it can work for just about anyone, regardless of age, ability, or education level. As long as you’re a Christian with an entrepreneurial spark and you want more out of life, Travis promises it’ll work for you too. But he’s not saying it doesn’t work for others with a different faith, however. Anyone is welcome here. If you’ve tried other internet businesses before and none of them panned out, maybe this can also work for you.

But how does this work, anyway? Basically, you’re going to set up what Travis calls a “Mini Ads Agency.” Basically, you’ll be responsible for setting up small social media ads for business owners. Specifically, on Facebook. Your target would be local business owners because they’ll mostly be the ones who will constantly look for your ads agency services. It’s also very quick and easy to do, and Travis claims that you’ll be potentially working with countless local business clients. Some businesses are even willing to pay you off a thousand dollars for your services, if their return-of-investment is very good. And since it’s an online-based business, you have the privilege of working from anywhere, as long as there’s a computer and an internet connection.

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The so-called “Replace Your Paycheck Challenge” lasts for a total of 5 days. On Day 1, Travis will show you how to set up your own advertising agency step-by-step. On Day 2, you’ll learn how to create a business name, page, and logo that will attract new clients. Basically, your own branding. Day 3 will reveal how to attract your very first client in the next 24 hours to 48 hours. Day 4 will be setting up your payment processor so you can collect digital payments each month from your clients. Finally, Day 5 will be on how you can satisfy your client’s marketing needs so they stick around with you for a long while.

Enrolling in the Replace Your Paycheck Challenge will set you back at around $37. There’s also a daily challenge checklist you can add to your order for $17, which feels like a bit of a rip-off to me since checklists are supposed to be free. Besides, I don’t really approve of the business model at hand, since, as you very well know, Facebook ads are getting even more expensive at this point. And due to saturation, you may be getting poor ROI with it. It’s also not helping that Facebook sometimes wants to just ban any ad account eventually, for reasons yet unclear. Even contesting to that time may not work, and you’ll only want a lot of your time.

But as for Travis Peters himself, he seems to be a legitimately good guy. While some people take advantage of the faith to promote their offers and earn money, when they themselves don’t follow it at all, Travis seems to be someone who definitely walks the walk. It’s just that the business model that he’s using and teaching isn’t really the best one out there (far from it). So overall, while Travis himself may be a great guy, why bother with his business model when there’s something that can give you the same great wealth results that this can offer, but has less risk, is stable, and more meaningful. Want to know more about it? Click below.

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