Ministry Of Freedom Review (Jono Armstrong)

Jono Armstrong

Jono Armstrong is encouraging everyone to duplicate his system taught in Ministry of Freedom that has made him a seven-figure income entrepreneur and affiliate marketer. He claims it as the fastest way to earn from zero to $5,000 minimum in the least amount of starting capital possible. Curious if the said claim is true? Read this Ministry of Freedom Review to learn more.

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Ministry of Freedom is an online program that discusses topics on affiliate marketing. According to their site, you will be taught by a strategy used by the ministry to generate at least $80,000 a month by signing up. It was founded by Jono Armstrong, an affiliate marketer who was recognized by JVZoo as top performer of the year in 2019.

The main strategy of the program is to do launch jacking. Basically, you are reviewing upcoming products in advance before they even release. This is through having an early access of the product. The expectation would be an increase chance of people using your affiliate link to buy the said product since you are riding the hype of the product. The said products to incorporate launch jacking are usually from Warrior Plus.

The said strategy is taught in a 9-module course that is designed to unlock one at a time only every week. The modules named according to their main topic are as follows: Mindset, Commitment, and Success; Tools and Applications; Launch Jacking (two modules); Advanced Launch Jacking Strategies; Soft Launching; Email Marketing; Product Launching; and Paid Traffic.

The training course plus access to an exclusive Facebook group of like-minded individuals, live calls, rotator sales, product review access, and several pre-made done for you (DFY) templates for the sales funnel websites and ads costs a onetime payment of $1,497 or three-monthly payments of $597. Aside from the cost of the training, you also need to pay for the ClickFunnels website builder, email autoresponder, and hosting for the website which costs around $97 a month, $15 a month, and at least $100 a year, respectively. If you are going for reviews in video format, you also need to buy your own camera and microphone to get started which cost at least $50. Lastly, you will also pay for traffic via Google and Youtube ads as recommended by the course. That alone requires at least $1,000 budget every month. Accounting for all the cost, it requires a significant capital to start which is not really beginner friendly. The course being $1,497 while only teaching one main strategy seems to be overpriced as well.

Aside from the cost, it is also not advisable to sell products from Warrior Plus. Most of the products featured there are usually just “shiny objects.” This means they look alluring with bold claims such as them being sales on autopilot, DFY high ticket offers, and beginner-friendly high-income generator. In reality, most of the products are either very low-quality or downright useless when you bought them. The products being bad means the sales will likely die down after the hype, and so is your commission. If you are selling a product based on hype alone, it means that your business will be unsustainable.

Ministry Of Freedom Review

Since you are also selling the product, you might be encouraged to do a positive review regardless of quality (given that they are from Warrior Plus, they are usually bad). As said by Jono, the product being bad is something you cannot say outright and the “reviews should always be glowingly positive, it’s all about maximizing sales!” This is unethical and might hurt your reputation as a product reviewer and affiliate marketer in the long run. Jono encouraging such a deceptive tactic is also a red flag. After all, he’s selling you his course too.

Also, most of the products encouraged by the Ministry of Freedom to apply launch jacking are the ones affiliated to them. Take it to consideration as well if you want more control on your business and not be tied on a single company. “Don’t put your eggs in one basket” as the saying goes.

In conclusion, it is not recommended to join Ministry of Freedom. The course is somehow extensive but still overpriced due to incorporating only one main strategy. Worst, the said strategy is unsustainable and unethical. After all, why trust your money on Jono who openly admits of selling crappy products just for the sake of making sales.

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