5 Minute Mentor Review (Tai Lopez)

Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is probably a guy you’ve already seen from ads while watching YouTube videos. He used to spam the hell out of that, people are quick to suspect that he can buy a fancy mansion from his ad spend alone. Regardless, it seems like he’s able to recoup what he spent and much more. He’s a millionaire, he’s famous, and apparently, he’s living his best life. And guess what, he’s about to share his hacks on 5 Minute Mentor that I’ll review below.

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For those who surprisingly don’t have any idea on who Tai is, you might be wondering why you should listen to what this dude says. Well, usually you just have no choice, but to listen. He’s no Roy Kent but he’s here, he’s there, he’s f*cking everywhere. And yes, this is me reiterating how he’d go all in with ads to make himself known. That’s what he does best, IMHO.

In essence, he IS the successful business himself. Like seriously, he’s one of the pioneers of marketing centered around personal branding. Ahead of his peers of internet influencers, I should say. And somewhat similar to what I said earlier, he’s good at it and damn smooth with every execution.

Hooking you up first with the appeal that you’re missing out on something, following up with a spiel that makes you believe that he can fill the said void in you, then inserting a narrative that makes him relatable to the average Joe’s and Jane’s, and sprinkling in some marketing savviness, social proof that may or may not be BS,and fake urgency. All of that to siphon you to his sales funnel.

With this kind of marketing style, is having a guy like Tai perfecting a formula for it ideal? Definitely not a fan myself of the flex and fake it ‘til you make it culture, so I don’t think so. And yes, it’s not only me, but a bunch of others that believe Tai started out as faking all the fancy stuff until he’s (unfortunately) not. Still, I’ll give credit where credit’s due. Despite how I hate the said marketing style, it’s definitely effective for selling.

It’s so effective that a lot of gurus essentially copied the approach of Tai. Flexing the Lambos, the yachts, the mansions, and occasionally, the bad bitches. All while starting from the bottom. Y’know, just like Tai starting his multi-million marketing empire from his garage. That’s the promise and another reason people listen to him, anyway. His riches are typically unimaginable to the average person, but he, Tai, claims to have a secret that’ll make replicating the dream lifestyle possible for anyone. Selling a dream, wait a damn minute…

Where he spills the secrets is on hundreds of his courses that usually come at a price. 5 Minute Mentor being one of them. Like the name suggests, 5 Minute Mentor contains 5-minute daily lessons from Tai himself talking about making money, starting a business, sales and marketing, networking, and more. This is marketed for people who want to learn from Tai, but don’t have a lot of free time to do so. Also for those who want constant learning everyday on a budget.

5 Minute Mentor Review

Speaking of budget, what’s the price of Tai’s 5 Minute Mentor, then? Well, 5 Minute Mentor costs $5 a month or $42 a year. Cheap fosho, but the price is still above what I’m willing to spend, which is zero. Nada. Should be no surprise, no way I’m recommending a course from someone who’s blatantly selling a dream. C’mon now.

See why I don’t talk much about the course itself? It’s because the primary selling point of it revolves around Tai and his personal brand, and not about the contents of the course itself. And Tai’s just an online marketer, very slick at that, but that’s about it. I’ll take everything he says about something else like Amazon FBA, real estate, and SMMA with a grain of salt.

To add, y’all must remember that what the dude has is a sales funnel. A never-ending one like a labyrinth. Don’t be fooled by the cheap price of some courses, those are just meant to warm you up to the pricier upsells to come. Particularly, I doubt you’ll get any solid advice here in 5 Minute Mentor. With it talking about almost anything under the sun, the more you’ll get here is just rah rah talks and bullsh*tting.

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