Eric Misch Review

Eric Misch

Eric Misch seems to enjoy recording meme-y videos of himself recently. His humor is not my cuppa tea, I won’t lie, but man’s trying his best to keep up with ‘em trends. And of course, it’s also aligned with whatever he’s preaching. For instance, dude believes that having multiple sources of income is a must. Don’t have that, then you’re stupid. He didn’t say stupid himself, and instead, dubbed a Tiktok clip that says it. Rest of his story is below.

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Eric usually introduces himself as a burnt out executive turned thriving entrepreneur. Kinda typical for someone who’s also a mind wanker, er, lifestyle coach. Now, he did explain that the pay and all the perks that comes with being an executive is not that bad. The hours and stress levels, however, are terrible. Made him lose his passion for the corporate work altogether.

To add, him seeing his colleagues face similar challenges due to intense workplace stress doesn’t make this ordeal any easier. The pain of corporate grind, amirite? But as they say, after every storm, there is a rainbow. Technically, I’ll say it’s not always true. Writing this, so ya science nerds won’t start piling on me. Figuratively, it means that all this sh*t that happened to Eric made him realize that he needs to pursue time and location freedom.

Specifically, he started his own residual income biz. He adds, “I decided it was time to pursue something I was truly passionate about, while helping others achieve the things for which I was looking.” By 2020, his residual income matched his corporate income (or so he says). T’was also the time he decided to leave the corporate world for good and focus on his biz full time.

“I now enjoy an incredible income while being able to make an impact on others,” says him. His stress levels’ so much lower, his health improved by a lot, and all that. Most importantly, he mentions how he’s able to spend more time doing things like pursuing his volunteer ministry, traveling with his wife, and staying active daily.

Here’s the part where he has something to do for you. He’s willing to show how he created multiple six-figure income while working a full time job. “We have the tools, the system and the mentorship to help you create an exit strategy from the corporate grind,” he adds. Wrap it all up with an encouragement for you to book a discovery call to see if this opportunity of him fits.

Now, hold on. He’s making us talk business with him when we don’t have a single clue on what his residual income biz is all about. Sure, he’ll probably spill the tea on the said call, but I don’t think it’s unfair to ask for more transparency. Like, there’s no way I’ll waste a sec calling him if his biz is just another sh*tty MLM or something. Guess it’s time to find out on another website of his.

To my disappointment, most of the stuff written there is still vague as f*ck. He did mention something about organic foods, wanting students who are coachable and highly motivated to succeed, and earning money just from browsing social media. Which, to me, sounds like a pitch to a MLM biz that has overpriced supplements (around $60-$439 each). Something about the Million Mom Movement where he was featured in, maybe?

Eric Misch Review

I’m not 100% sure that the biz is MLM, alright. But I won’t bet it’ll be of any good even if I get a detail or two wrong. Why, it’s because I also notice something that doesn’t add up. Headline implies that the thang is for men. Like, what would the call to “join a community of men” mean otherwise, right? He says that while the majority of the testimonials he posted are from women. What?

It’s either he’s recycling testimonials or recycling a copy. Whatever of the two, it’s not a good look for him. Not only is he being secretive for no good reason, he’s also being a misleading liar. Or lazy. Or both. Knowing the Movement he’s associated with, my best bet would be he’s up to no good at all. Hence, I won’t recommend dealing with him and his biz.

What’s with the said movement, then? Cray crays, I guess. Y’know, they’re just spitting lots of fear mongering BS to sell their placebos. Saying we have compromised food systems and eating toxins… the heck? I understand not wanting to kill animals for food, but saying junk foods like Cheerios is a poison, I repeat, P-O-I-S-O-N, is just too much. Not good for ya health doesn’t necessarily mean it’s actively trying to kill ya, my goodness.

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