Misha Wilson Review

Misha Wilson

Misha Wilson, founder of Super Affiliate Network, is also an avid fan of sports aside from internet marketing. He posts photos on his Instagram account playing tennis, lifting weights, and overall, just moving like typical athletes and getting physical out there. He didn’t even let the chance slip by and congratulated Tom Brady, whose facial features slightly resembles Misha’s, on his retirement. Unlike Brady though, he’s far from being the GOAT even on his expertise which is affiliate marketing. Not that he’s bad as an internet marketer, but my issue is more on his program. I advise you to skip his program because of reasons I’ll list below.

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Before anything else, I’ll say that I was caught off guard on one of his stories. This is him on his way to becoming a professional tennis player until a career-ending injury stopped his pro dream to a halt. Reminds me of Jemal King who had a similar bad luck, but in Baseball. True or not, this is some script that’s not so used by other gurus. Good job, I guess?

Anyway, I learn all of that on his introductory webinar that I had to endure watching to receive a free eBook plus a “special” offer from Misha himself. Aside from the injury narrative, everything else in the webinar is straight out of the annoying and typical guru’s script. The usual getting kicked out of someone’s house and being broke af until a mentor comes in and teaches him some secret method to become a millionaire. Oh, and don’t forget about living in a fancy Island too and the frequent travel from wherever his feet will take him. He’s from Hawaii btw and yes, he had narrated like a lot of places where he’s been to.

What I don’t like from the get-go is him saying that he’s getting fired left and right from doing entry jobs like he’s doing a speed run of some sort. I somehow understand to an extent that he’s having a hard time doing the entry jobs he mentioned like washing the dishes at a resto because of the lingering pain from his injury. But isn’t that too much of an excuse for getting fired within a day? Not once, not twice, but multiple times of him getting the axe within a day! Maybe I’m nitpicking too much but it still doesn’t sit well to me.

The free eBook in Millionaire Effect after watching the webinar is nothing special too. To me, it’s just the webinar but in text form. Misha confirms it himself since every footer of the page is plastered with “watch this full video right now.” My only takeaway here is him saying that promote someone else’s business instead of starting your own. Also, do this by following this very simplistic shortcut: Find the right market first, find the right product second, and figure out how to get the right people in front of that product last.

So yeah, all of that leads to a conclusion that his program is promoting affiliate marketing as its business model. Expected since the name of his program is Super Affiliate Network, but it might surprise some if they start their “journey” of knowing Misha through the link in his Instagram. What’s not so obvious regarding this is that Super Affiliate Network directs you to a high-ticket program called the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint.

Misha Wilson Review

The “special” offer I mentioned doesn’t seem bad at the surface except for the fake scarcity countdown timer thing. It’s just $7, what’s the harm of trying something so cheap, right? Well, I have my two reasons why you should skip this.

One is whatever inside the paid eBook is something you can get free of charge. Why pay little when you can pay zero? Besides, those little, almost negligible cost, adds up to something significant in the long run.

Second is the eBook being the start of a sales funnel. What starts at $7 only becomes more and more since you’ll be pressured to buy the pricier courses for the full experience. You can be pressured to buy a similar material to the $7 eBook, something of a mini course without live coaching, like The Solo Ad Success Formula that cost $297. Or maybe they’ll lure you to pay for something with live coaching session like The Affiliate Mastery Accelerator that cost $2,997. Worst, they might bring in the pocket watch swinging and lowkey hypnotize you to pay $12,500 for a mentoring event in Misha’s home in Hawaii.

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