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Mobl Disruptrs Reseller team prides itself for being your complete business-in-a-box. Means they’re capable of providing everything you need to successfully launch and operate your mobile marketing business. That’s what they literally said, anyway. Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that they’ve been recently acquired by Yrka Tech. Why, the said acquisition is the only press release Yrka Tech has in their website. If y’all wanna know more about Mobl Disruptrs, kindly scroll to my review below.

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Mobl Disruptrs [or Mobile Disruptors, I just prefer the former since it’s what they listed on their LinkedIn profile] mentions several things that made ‘em a complete business-in-a-box. One is having offers with white label, turnkey system. Now, in Cardi B’s voice, what is that? What is that?

I’ve already mentioned this in a review before, but in case you missed it, I’ve said that white label is like a private label, just less exclusive and less customized. So, if you’re a client of Mobl Disruptrs, they’ll grant you permission to use your own brand on a system they made. Like it’s only you who’s behind the whole thang.

Meanwhile, turnkey means something that’s ready to be used immediately once you buy it. In this particular context, there’s no need to change anything with what Mobl Disruptrs provides. All you have to do as a reseller is resell. As simple as that.

The second thing they mentioned is having a DFY sales website and brand. Which means Mobl Disruptrs will set up a marketing website with your domain and branding of choice. Then, they also have custom sales material to help you with marketing plus ongoing training and support.

The rest they mentioned is the biz that’s one hundred percent yours having an unlimited income potential. It’s built for success, they say, and if something will hold you back to make that happen, it’s you [and not them, probably].

Which means it’s all your fault if things go south. But if it didn’t, all sales will go straight to ya pocket. What Mobl Disruptrs collect is only a “small” licensing fee every month. And yeah, that’s what they mean with a biz that’s completely yours BTW. I don’t agree with their definition of full ownership with ‘em still charging a recurring fee, but it is what it is.

With that said, here are the products you can resell courtesy of Yrka Tech’s Mobl Disruptrs. They have Savvy WiFi for social WiFi marketing, Social Owl for social media marketing, PerkUp for customer loyalty and rewards setup, BeaconEdge for beacon and proximity deals biz, and DealDrip for mobile wallet marketing biz.

Now, you might be thinking what the heck are those businesses [besides social media marketing which y’all probably familiar by now]. Won’t blame you for being confused because we’re on the same boat, I’m hella confused initially as well. I did check ‘em out so you don’t have to. You’re welcome. Below is the rundown of what they are.

Starting with social WiFi marketing which is about collecting leads (including social media profile) from peeps using a guest WiFi. Essentially, it’s getting deets in exchange of being able to see internet memes. Most lopsided trade ever IMHO, consumers done fleeced. I’d rather pay hundred bucks for pricey AT&T data plans than have my privacy compromised from logging in my accounts there.

Mobl Disruptrs Reseller Review

Meanwhile, rewards setup requires setting up a kiosk where clients can check their rewards points from patronizing a local biz [a pizza joint for example]. Then, beacon and proximity deals make consumers receive push notifications when they’re within the range of a local beacon. Lastly, mobile wallet marketing biz is the same as the beacon and proximity deals, just with the inclusion of an online wallet where you can make payments and receive coupons.

The said businesses are too gimmicky IMHO. Personally, I ain’t willing to spend $397 a month (price/licensing fee of Mobl Disruptrs Reseller offers) to be a reseller of any. Too expensive of a fee for questionable business models, and for a company that doesn’t explain each of the said offers well. Copy is either too vague, too few (details), too similar to what’s already mentioned on the main website, or all of the above. They’re really giving us nothing.

And you know what, they better present their thang well as there’s no mention of it outside their site besides, guess what, their acquisition of Mobl Disruptrs, and that’s it… Oh wait, a likely sponsored article also includes a guru-fied story detailing who’s Erik Russell besides being the founder and CEO of Yrka Tech. As if we care.

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