Nick Mocuta Review, Cost, Concerns

Nick Mocuta

Nick Mocuta, founder of Walmart Automation Alliance, seems to have deleted some of his Instagram pictures. I swear, I’ve seen a pic of him before in Mexico doing his signature pose of staring straight at the camera and chillin’ like a villain. No sh*t, I’ve even pointed out the excessive hashtags in that specific picture before! Dunno why he had a ‘gram clean up. Hence, the reason for having a review about him below.

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Not that his missing photos would really matter in the grand scheme of things, its sudden disappearance is just weird to me, plain and simple. I just saw the pic I mentioned earlier around March this year (based on the time I wrote the review about his Automation Alliance program), and now it’s gone and nowhere to be seen. To add, he’s not really active anymore on any of his social media accounts, so why do some stealth pic removal all of a sudden?

Sadly, I really cannot find out the answer, at least not yet, on why he’s done the cleanup. It’ll remain an unsolved mystery for a while. What I can offer right now, the reason why you’re probably here in the first place, is to spill the deets I know about him. But before moving on to that, I just want to note that Nick’s lack of social media presence nowadays is one of the concerns regarding him that you should be wary about. Noted? Noted.

So, without further ado, let’s start with Nick’s backstory. At a young age of 21, he migrated from Romania to the US with only five hundred bucks in pocket money. That little amount of money, minus a hundred bucks for the LA cab alone, has disaster written all over it. And so, he spent his first few days homeless and sleeping at the benches of public parks.

He’s only able to rent an apartment after getting a low wage job (I’m reminding myself that this happened during 2006 or else, he’ll still be out on the streets). Gradually, he developed an interest in real estate, so he pursued a career in one. After a year of doing real estate, he discovered eCommerce and got successful with it apparently. Fast forward to now, he’s offering his winning ways in eCommerce, specifically in Walmart dropshipping, in Walmart Automation Alliance program.

And that concludes his backstory. Could be inspirational to some, but I only see nothing but recklessness. I’m glad that it worked out for him in the end, but the problems he had at the start is primarily his fault. Seriously, I won’t even take inflation into consideration, but I think it’s common sense that a five hundred bucks pocket money is a no-no in the US even at ‘06 – in one of the states with the highest cost of living no less. I know it’s really referring to the 1849 gold rush (thanks 49ers for the reminder, bang bang Niner gang!), but, man, Cali being called the “Golden State” screams expensive and Nick should’ve taken the hint. He apparently didn’t, pfft.

Nick Mocuta Review, Cost, Concerns

Why did I have to mention that? Well, it’s another concern for me. Sure, I’m aware of the chance that he’s just pulling out some fake sob story for himself as a Guru usually does. But fake or not, it’s just irresponsible of him to spin migrating to some unknown land too easy (excluding the f*ck up of being homeless for a brief period). It’s not easy at all, especially now with astronomically higher rent rates than before plus all the measures in ‘Murica to make the life of the homeless a living hell. 

Him promising some sh*t to be easy just because he got lucky himself is also present in his program. Like nah, being a profitable seller today in the eCommerce space is not as easy as just paying for his Walmart Automation Alliance program that costs around $35,000. It’ll only be easy if we’re talking about the ease of wasting money on an unproven business model, but we’re obviously not.

Finally, the concerns that should really steer your ass away from Nick are about his program. No way I’m paying thirty five grand for a DFY dropshipping without any plans on advertising and marketing campaign. Not when Walmart as a dropshipping platform is problematic as well in terms of keeping up with Amazon and keeping their service alive.

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