Modern Millionaires Review (Abdul Farooqi, Chance Welton)

Abdul Farooqi, Chance Welton

Abdul Farooqi is proud that he had an amazing family saying that they got each’s back in a Modern Millionaires (MM) ad. Together with Chance Welton, he promises to provide a similar family but is composed of like-minded entrepreneurs that are also building real businesses. “Your network is your net worth,” Abdul said. To add, he also claims to show how they built their seven figure businesses through lead generation in MM. Overall, both creators suggested that MM is your first step towards financial freedom and working on your own terms. Ready to join the program? Read this Modern Millionaire Review first before signing up.

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MM is a digital business program that provides training and services related to lead generation. Advertised as the most proven, highest rated semi passive business model, MM claims to provide a real business for the digital age: running simple ads and generate results for them. “MM is the leading educational platform in digital advertising, designed to get you up and running a seven-figure ad agency in 90 days,” are the bold promises of this program in their site. It was founded by Abdul Farooqi and Chance Welton.

The main training comes in the form of 4 weeks’ worth of training modules with 4 main modules and three more sub modules under module 3. Module 1 titled as The Foundation discusses the basics of lead generation such as setting up website for clients, buying domains, and niche selection. Next is module 2 titled Prospecting and Sales that teaches how to get clients for your websites through various sales method like cold emailing, cold calling, and professional networking. Module 3 is all about generating internet traffic. The submodules are titled as follows: Driving Traffic with Google Ads, Driving Traffic with Facebook, and Driving Traffic with Lead Nurturing. Lastly, module 4 named Autopilot talks about how to automate the process in your lead generation business.

The training modules with daily mentoring calls, MM Ad System, MM Funnels, MM Automated Lead Nurturing, and access to an active Facebook group are included in the program’s most basic package named Do It Yourself (DIY). This costs $5,000.

The Done With You (DWY) package that cost $10,000, on the other hand, includes all the benefits of DIY package plus 90-day Agency bootcamp, 2 three-hour calls of coaching weekly, and constant accountability mentorship customized to you and your industry. Lastly, Done For You (DFY) package costs $25,000 and provides you a pre-built lead generation business.

As you can see, MM is a very expensive course. The default DWY package is even more expensive than a similar course in Bad Ass Marketers (BAM) which I deemed already overpriced before. The program not offering refunds makes this a rather risky investment in my opinion.

Modern Millionaires Review

The reputation of MM is not assuring, either. MM is just a rebranded version of Modern Middlemen which had to shut down for good due to a series of backlash and complaints on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). There is also no proof that the MM creators become rich through the lead generation strategies in the course. Sure, they had been featured on Forbes before, but it is not enough proof of their legitimacy. After all, you can just pay Forbes to feature you regardless of your reputation.

The number of negative reviews is also concerning. Aside from complaints on the quality of training modules (outdated, subpar presentation, and too short), there are numerous reviews that criticizes hidden charges from the program. Allegations on unwanted upsells within the program are also included in the reviews. To conclude, this review from TrustPilot encapsulates what I feel about the program: “This get rich quick program is oversold on a lot of hype and will play on your emotions and desire to have unlimited earning potential.”

There is no sufficient evidence to say that MM is a scam. They might be overpriced but they do provide training modules and coaching related to lead generation. Lead generation as a business model is also a legitimate way to earn money. However, I still do not recommend you join this program. There are too many red flags that makes it too risky of an investment. Instead, either learn from free resources on the web or find a more reputable and affordable course if you really want to enter the industry of lead generation.

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