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Caroline Hannay, THE Momtrepreneur herself, reminds her IG followers that she stopped climbing the corporate ladder almost a year ago. She argues, why go through the exhausting grind of becoming a top corporate baddie when you can be your own boss and earn more? “I work 2-3 hours a day from home or wherever I’m traveling, and consistently make $5k-$15k a day,” she adds. Anyone can do it, just reply “guide” and she’ll show you how…

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The hundreds of spam accounts in the comments seem to have no interest in what she has to offer, though. All they care about is to shill stock traders, passive income gurus, and the likes. Caroline is letting ‘em be, prolly because no one else would comment if she didn’t.

While Caroline recently launched her own subscription-based coaching with another mom slash make money online influencer in Becca Dunkin, her main thang is still being a high-ticket affiliate for Dave Sharpe and his Legendary Marketer courses. This is what she’s talking about showing us.

But before David took over pitching the business opportunity to us, she got a moment to introduce herself. While she loved being a mental health counselor, it doesn’t change the fact that she was overworked and underpaid as one. Financial problems piled up, her marriage got in jeopardy, she was more frustrated than ever. Allat despite having a masters degree. No way she can do this job forever.

She continues, “So, anyway, then I come across this method that’s making people thousands of dollars a month with very little work.” Admits that she’s initially skeptical of the method herself because it sounds too good to be true.

But apparently, it’s good, it’s true, and will work for everybody else— beginners, people with no special skills [ouch], etc. “Once I started this training, there was no looking back,” she concludes.

So. t’was revealed that the method/training is the 15-day Business Builder Challenge. The opportunity is about freelance digital marketing, which Dave describes as “marketing valuable, high-ticket products and services that actually help people.” Which reads high-ticket affiliate marketing for Dave’s Legendary Marketer courses just like what The Momtrepreneur is doing.

Besides the video lectures, you’ll also get the following: A customized high-ticket business plan, Facebook ads templates, high-ticket email templates, high-ticket video scripts, high-ticket phone scripts, one-on-one consultation with a business advisor, and a copy of Dave’s top converting high-ticket affiliate marketing funnel.

If I had a dollar for every time they mention high-ticket in their training inclusions, I would have five. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened five times. But you know what’s weirder? You’ll only need two more buckaroos to get the 15-day Business Builder Challenge that costs $7. They make a big fuss about high-ticket, and it leads to this? What?

Well, well, well… Let’s just say it’s all part of the plan. While this initial offer of theirs is not high-ticket, they’ll eventually offer something [cough upsells cough] that would easily qualify as one.

I have my reasons why I would not recommend buying all these. Like, paying $2,500 to learn a business opportunity that revolves around being Dave’s affiliate is simply unreasonable. One of the reviews on Trustpilot nails this sentiment perfectly: ”Legendary Marketer and Dave Sharpe teaches you how to promote HIS company.”

He and his cohorts earn from peeps buying their courses and using their commission links. Without a reach like theirs, I doubt you can get sales, at least not consistently to recoup the huge investment needed to get commissions [FYI, buying the upsell is a requirement to earn from selling them].

The Momtrepreneur Reviews

Worse, your competition is them— Dave and his top affiliates with massive following who sold you the training. And yes, even Dave since he’s running his own ad campaign without the likes of The Momtrepreneur in the picture.

Most importantly, I simply don’t like the way they conduct their business— misleading refund terms, fake scarcity tactics, marketing full of fluff, selling your data to shady sites, etc.

Oh, and also, ‘member how Dave says he’ll hook you up with a business advisor? Turns out, they’re just sales agents. They’ll immediately cut ties once they see you firm in not buying the upsells. Buy one, and they’ll still do the same— all they care about is getting their commission, anyways.

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