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Tube Mastery And Monetization Review (Matt Par)

Matt Par

Matt Par mentions having nine different YouTube channels like clockwork. And they’re not your usual channel with pathetic numbers that anyone, including your gradeschool brother, can create to upload sh*tty contents that no one cares about. Instead, they’re all monetized and contribute to the $30k something a month income. He also has six of the prestigious YouTube plaques that signifies respectable subs count. Wanna know about Matt’s Tube Mastery And Monetization program in hopes of replicating his Ws? Scroll below.

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First things first. Isn’t it weird that he won’t show any of his channels outside the business slash personal brand dedicated to promoting Tube Mastery? I mean, the guy is promising to hand you out the exact blueprint to copy his success on those, so why keep it all a secret? I don’t buy the excuse of not wanting to have a “carbon copy” of his channels, just show at least one and be done with it. If I were Matt, I’d rather have proof that I’m THAT successful of a YouTuber rather than worry about copycats doing copycat things for free. Not unless he’s faking it….

Instead of harboring doubts about his legitimacy, he could simply drop a single link to one of his “successful” channels outside Make Money Matt (the business slash personal brand channel) and poof! Doubters be gone just like the thots when they found out that their man’s broke. But nope, Matt will do all the mental gymnastics there is in the whole f*cking world to justify not dropping links or any sauce at all. 

Actually, this is one of those rare times where you’ll want the opposite of “don’t @ me.” Boy, I’ll be one happy reviewer if I get the tag that I’m looking for, albeit cranky because I have to rewrite this review. It’ll be f*cking worth it, though. 

To add, don’t get me started with the plaques of play button, and the letters and boxes that come with it. You probably can’t do it by yourself, but don’t underestimate the power of China in making replicas. And I know I’m spouting some tired stereotypes here that might get people pointing their pitchforks at me, but it’s just the cold truth, I’m saying this as a compliment even, and not exactly the focus of my argument. 

The focus should be the fact that items like YouTube’s coveted play button, not success, can be easily replicated and, ehem, carbon copied. Don’t use it as a proof that you’re legit when this b*tch right here, that’s me, can order a custom-made plaque that looks like the real thing. Just drop the link, PERIOD.

Before I get carried away with saying all the fishy things about Matt, let’s talk about the content of his Tube Mastery and Monetization program first. Upon signing up for the said program, you’ll get access to a seven-module curriculum that’ll spill the tea about how to make a cash cow of a YouTube channel. Y’know, just like what Matt claims he’s doing – getting $30k cash checks monthly without the need to record himself in front of the camera at all. ‘Nyway, the modules are titled as follows:

  • Overview of The Blueprint – The Three Stages To YouTube
  • Choosing A Niche
  • Setting Up Your Channel For Success
  • Uploading Videos
  • The Growth Module
  • The Monetization Module
  • Scaling Your Channel
Tube Mastery And Monetization Review

Aside from the core training, you’ll also get a list of profitable niches,  case studies, fill-in-the-blanks video script templates, and access to a mastermind group. All of Tube Mastery And Monetization’s content for a price that’ll cost you $997.

A pricey program without the sauce and social proof outside affiliated sites? Do NOT sign me the f*ck up. Especially not when Matt seems to be conniving with his “teacher” so he can take the credits for owning ApexTV channel that got viral for its time traveler shenanigans. The silhouette from the first hit video is similar to Matt’s physique from afar, but the video posted in ApexTV itself exposing the truth about the said time traveler doesn’t show Matt at all. Instead, it’s a hardcore fan named Jason. Simply put, the said channel is likely not his own.

By any chance that the channel is somehow actually his, are you willing to post misinformation and lowkey unethical stuff just for that sweet ad money? And I thought him suggesting to take videos that other people have made and upload them as your own is already bad… Now what? Will he suggest a skit where a guy is getting hunted because he’ll expose that COVID-19 is just big pharma’s lie? Unless you’re the devil himself, I don’t think you’ll be okay with bullsh*tting like that.

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