Monica Little Coaching Review

Monica Little Coaching

Monica Little is having her Barbie moment way before it was trendy. Beyond the pink aesthetics, she’s able to build a six-figure organic skincare business after taking the risk of leaving her corporate job. One could say she was little, but then she dreamed big. And guess what, she’s willing to help others follow her footsteps and live the dream life they’ve always wanted. All through podcasts, planners, and coaching programs under her Monica Little Coaching that I’ll review below.

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As the host of The Product Biz Podcast, Monica shares tips and tricks on how to run a thriving business, like utilizing email marketing and building a “ride or die” community to increase sales. Stories and anecdotes of her are also included.

As the creator of Grounded, Grateful, & Growing, Monica infuses both mindset and productivity concepts in a two-month daily planner and mindset journal. This is to help small business owners become the best version of themselves to make their dreams a reality.

As the coach of Monica Little Coaching, Monica offers two courses— one free and one paid— about building, marketing, and growing your business. She calls them Etsy Algorithm Secrets and Products Biz Academy.

As the name implies, the free training in Etsy Algorithm Secrets focuses on getting your products seen as well as irresistible on Etsy. It’s all about optimizing your product listing so that it commands attention, ranks well on Etsy search result, and confirms customer expectations to make it a no-brainer purchase.

Meanwhile, Product Biz Academy is Monica’s signature coaching program that reveals how to do the “business” side of things. As written on the website, you’ll learn how to market, promote, and sell your products here to get it in the hands of more people…

You know what, the latter statement doesn’t really tell us anything. Seems like copy writing isn’t her strongest suit. But it does make for an interesting drinking game if you ever decide to take a sip every time “business” pops up. You’ll be buzzing in no time fosho ‘cause girl loves the said word and its variations.

Anyways, here’s what I gathered about Product Biz Academy outside the website: First, it’s not only for people who are struggling and, in a rut, but also for those expanding their already thriving business. Second, Product Biz Academy includes one-on-one coaching on top of the online modules and group calls.

If you’re a driven, committed, dedicated, and badass business owner, then Product Biz Academy is for you, says Monica. What she doesn’t say is the price [around $4k is my cost estimate] since this offer of Monica Little Coaching isn’t available until 2024.

For my takeaways, I’ll start with the positives. It’s good that her podcast thingy isn’t just for show as she’s still putting up new episodes. She’s creating value as a mentor without putting everything behind a paywall.

And if it’s behind one, she seems to limit the number of students to something she can manage. To me, it shows that her priority is having enough time to provide sufficient support rather than maximizing profits.

Now, let’s talk about the negatives. First off, she closed her store Plant Based Beauty around December last year. This is her organic skincare business she had always talked up. While she still has an Etsy shop under her name, the only remaining product listed is the planner slash journal.

What she has right now is not representative of the usual shops. Which means that she’s selling courses about a business she’s not currently practicing. Not a good look, but I don’t blame her since Etsy is complete dogwater now. About that…

Monica Little Coaching Review

Her recommendation on starting an Etsy shop is something I don’t approve of. Sellers are already leaving in droves ever since Etsy hiked up their fees to unreasonable levels— the sales commission, the ad cost [on an ad program sellers couldn’t opt out to, mind you], the amount of sales income they withhold, etc.

They’re not rewarding artisans following their supposed core value of selling products that take time to make. Instead, they’re pitting them against those dropshipping a bunch of either uninspired POD items or manufactured crap from China.

The result is them [artisans] not getting any eyeballs on the site. The constantly changing algo doesn’t help either. If I were you, I ain’t buying Monica Little Coaching course on starting an Etsy shop just to experience allat.

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