Ryan Daniel Moran Review

Ryan Daniel Moran

Ryan Daniel Moran, a serial entrepreneur and owner of capitalism dot com, mentions in his book the two main reasons why most people are poor. One, they haven’t followed a strategy to make them rich. And two, they don’t have a wealthy and winning mindset. Ryan claims that he can help you by giving millionaire strategies, but it’s up to you to change your mindset for the better. Scroll below to know more about Ryan and his strategies.

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The strategies he’s talking about in his “12 months to $1 million” book is his courses. They are named The One Percent and The Capitalism Incubator Tribe. What I noticed right off the bat are the bold promises for both. Something along the lines of $10k a month of PASSIVE income, having a million-dollar physical products biz in ONLY 12 months, and them helping to build a brand you can sell for 7 to 8 figures. Smells like loads of BS to me.

Anyway, let’s go past the absurd claims first and review the contents of his courses. For The One Percent course, it’s a subscription-based offer that claims to help businesses grow into a 7-figure one in just a year. So, it’s about them helping you become one of the prestigious one percent – aka the few people who’s able to cross the million-dollar mark in their biz.

Despite being advertised as a flexible monthly subscription, you’ll need to subscribe for 12 consecutive months to reap its benefits. It’s indicated on their website; the curriculum is a “12-month roadmap.” They did this for a reason, and that is presenting a smaller figure is better than showing the bigger one-time payment. For instance, it’s easier to sell a $297 a month course rather than something at $3,564 a year. And yes, the monthly payment I mentioned is the actual price of The One Percent. The latter is the sum of a 12-month payment.

So, what’s inside this course? Aside from the usual course materials, you’ll also receive access to three coaching calls per month, a community group of likeminded individuals, and case studies every four months. The main theme here is to follow their 12-month roadmap that is originally based on his book. He calls it the “grind” for months one to three, the “growth” for months four to six, and the “gold” for months nine to twelve. And yes, I have no idea why he didn’t mentioned months seven and eight. I’ll call it the “mystery” myself or maybe “Ryan flunks his elementary math and forgot how to count properly.”

But seriously, read the chapter 11 of his book and you’ll see it yourself. He did update the numbers on his site to include the missing months but the lack of attention to details already turned me off. Claiming to build 7 to 8-figure business but can’t hire an editor to save him from embarrassment? Yeah…

Regarding the course material, I find it also weird because it’s a collection of vastly different business models crammed into one. I mean, it has discussions on affiliate marketing, stock trading, investing, and even starting your own Amazon biz. Personally, I would like my course to stick to one model, and teach it well rather than whatever The One Percent is doing.

Meanwhile, his Capitalism Incubator Tribe is also similar to The One Percent. The difference is its focus on mentorship. Expect more one-on-one coaching here rather than the thrice a month 15-minute call from The One Percent. Also, expect it to be more expensive. Maybe, starting at five-figures for an annual training.

Ryan Daniel Moran Review

I’ll also note the very subtle red flags I noticed in Ryan’s courses. One is the bold promises I already mentioned earlier. I always love to say this cliché and maybe you’re tired hearing it so often. I’ll say it again anyway. It is “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” Rule of thumb here is to avoid courses with absurd claims, something that screams “my course teaches you to get rich quick, give me money for this please UWU.” They’re usually garbage based on my experience of reviewing hundreds of courses.

Second, it’s them teaching you how to avoid paying taxes or paying fewer of them… isn’t this illegal?

Third, his surname is the dead giveaway of a disappointment waiting to happen. Say it with me, Moran, Moran… Moron! Mind blowing analysis only here at Suugly, aye!

Kidding aside, I don’t think paying for his courses would be worth it. I have no proof to say that he’s a scammer, but I have this gut feeling that his courses will fail helping you to attain what they promise. And then, they’ll put all the blame on you because apparently, you don’t have the right mindset.

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