Anthony Morrison Review

Anthony Morrison

Anthony Morrison presents himself as someone who overcome adversity first before becoming a multimillionaire, all while helping others achieve their financial goals. “I like to say that he is a conscientious and dedicated person who likes to help little guys like me and you,” one of his students said about him. If you are interested in joining one of his programs, consider reading this Anthony Morrison review first.

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Anthony Morrison is a popular internet marketer who was able to bag the top affiliate award multiple times on the ClickFunnels affiliate program and two 2 Comma awards. He is also the author of The Hidden Millionaire and Advertising Profits from Home which are both received well in Amazon. Most importantly, he claims to be a financial coach who was able to empower millions of people all over the world through his numerous courses and programs. The mentioned courses and programs are under Morrison Publishing LLC, a company that he owns. To summarize, he provides training courses and programs, publishing services, and content videos that will help you escape the 9-5 grind.

He is an accomplished individual, to say the least. You will surely notice this if you follow his social media as he is always flaunting those award plaques from ClickFunnels as well as his sports car. One thing to note is him not being contented with the status quo. He calls himself an innovator, someone who does not traverse the traditional route. “If you see what people are doing, that is great; but there is always a better way…I observe what other people are doing and then I try to find a better way to make that happen in a more profitable way,” he argues on one of his elevator night talks posted in his Youtube channel with 97.5k subscribers. Sounds cool, right?

Well, his accolades and the way he presents himself might be impressive but the same cannot be said on his courses and programs. Know the reason why all his courses are sold under his own company and website? It is because he is banned from Clickbank for having too high refund rates. The consensus for this is people are usually dissatisfied with his courses, complaining that they did not get the value of what they paid. The information on his courses is deemed very basic and something you can learn from free internet resources. This reflects badly on the authenticity and effectiveness of his courses and methods. Worst, a lot of reviews are also complaining about their request for refund not being acknowledged.

Anthony Morrison Review

His affordable products being the front of a sales funnel does not help with his reputation either. There is a reason why most of his cheaper courses are only providing basic information, it is to pressure you to buy his more advanced courses and services that costs a lot more. For example, an upsell of subscription to his membership site cost $48-$79 a month is more expensive than his books that only costs $20 at most. His seminars are also reported to cost $1,995-$3,000 while his personal coaching is around $3,000-$35,000. The cost for his seminars alone is already overpriced while the cost of his personal coaching is downright ridiculous when there is no indication that he will provide a done for you (DFY) business.

It is also important to note that being successful in affiliate marketing is not as easy as Anthony claims. Driving traffic to encourage sales is not an easy task and requires skills to consistently deliver. It is easier to fail than succeed in this business, to be honest. It is also not as different as a 9-5 job either as you are running the business on someone else’s terms.

In conclusion, there is no sufficient evidence to say that Anthony Morrison is a scam internet marketer. There is a reason he had a decent following on Instagram and Youtube while still being able to advertise his courses online. However, the mentioned upsells, criticism on the quality of Anthony’s offers, and unreasonable claims of his program makes him not the best mentor to learn from. You can easily find programs with better content and cost than Anthony’s especially when you do not limit your search on affiliate marketing programs.

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