Alex Morton Review

Alex Morton

Alex Morton traveled recently to Kenya, highlighting his impeccable African Safari experience. He had seen giraffes, lions, and crocodiles – all the kinds of beasts. Figuratively, he’s one of the beasts like what he saw in Kenya, a predator of some kind. Instead of using uncanny strength and fierceness like a lion, Alex uses his elegance in speaking and his oh-so-irresistible charm to lure his prey, aka gullible individuals, to their ultimate demise of joining his program and losing lots of money. He’s not a murderer, but he’ll make your pockets hurt for sure. In short, this is my way of saying that avoid Alex and any programs he touches at all costs. Read further so you understand why I’m warning you.

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Alex has been involved in shady practices before. It’s not just speculations and what millennials call as “tea.” It’s nothing but facts which is why there’s case filed by FTC against his old company that has been settled for $268 million. Said company is called Vemma, a health and wellness MLM company that is a pyramid scheme in disguise. We’re not talking about the three-dimensional triangles in Egypt here. Instead, we’re talking about a literal scam where a few people profit at the expense of majority.

The gist of this money heist is this: Vemma is offering you membership to their program and a package of their health supplements for a hefty, overpriced as usual, price. No one will essentially buy it because they’re sh*tty, something MLMs pull out of their ass and slap a label to call it a product on it. Like most MLMs, the only viable way to make money in Vemma is to get commissions from recruiting others to join Vemma and buy the said package of supplements. This is unsustainable and only a few people on the top of the pyramid, hence the scheme name, will profit. The rest will just lose money so it’s deemed illegal.

His current program, IM Mastery Academy, is not that different from Vemma, but IM is still holding the fort well and trying their best to maintain the façade of being legit. The front which IM is showing is them being a provider of Forex and stock trading courses. Turns out, their actual goal is to have their students encourage others to buy their courses.

One thing that screams pyramid scheme here is the income distribution being… pyramid in structure. In their income disclosure, you can see that 94.38% of their students is losing money. What really hurts is the majority, at a whopping 67.49%, is only averaging $165 in yearly income. In comparison to what IM charges, it starts at $324.94 for the one-time enrollment fee and $274.95 monthly which adds up to $3624.34 annually. I’ll do the math for you and say that it’s $3,459.34 loss for majority.

Alex Morton Review

The ones on the top like Alex, however, gets the lion share (he’s a “predator” like a lion, after all). Specifically, the top 0.05% has an average income of $1,392,483.61. I don’t know about you, but I won’t be a part of something that will likely lose me money just to make these “gurus” a million dollar richer. I already told you about Alex’s scummy past in Vemma, but his stint in IM is much worst in the making. It’s founded by an Avengers cast of scammers with Alex himself, Chris Terry, and Bob Proctor. Not so fun fact, Chris has been part of the OG MLM in Amway.

Seriously, I won’t touch these MLM companies with a ten-foot pole with the way they present their sh*t alone that is low-key insulting their students’ intellect. Alex is no different and it’s showing on his way of presenting. One notable example is picking a seemingly normal word and making each letter stand out for something. Worse than grade school English teachers with their exaggerated interpretation of some dead guy’s poems.

Another one is them being a ratchet that keeps repeating the same words and concepts over and over again for no reason and call whatever that sh*t a mindset training. Usually, they’re easy to grasp so there’s no need to repeat like a broken record at all. In Alex’s case, he had this presentation where he keeps on saying that we’re “God’s highest form of creation” and that we’re not some raccoons. Like hello, I think every human, maybe furries aside, knows that they’re not a goddamn raccoon, Alex.

I’m keeping it real here, you better stay away from Alex and MLM companies, in general. There’s a lot of better businesses out there, why settle for something that will likely fail 95% of the time?

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